04 June 2014

How to Open Blocked Site Without Proxy

Opening sites were blocked, usually occur when you are cool surf suddenly startled by the filter page. Sometimes it is very frustrating when we are surfing in cyberspace is shocked by the blocking of the provider.

Actually blocking sites that contain material that is harmful is a great effort in the fight against pornography or anything like that, but when viewed from the standpoint of the consumer it is a restriction on the freedom of internet. Customers will feel shackled to the information is restricted. That is because not only adult sites are being targeted blocking, sometimes pornographic sites not blocked too.

How to Open Blocked Site Without Proxy

How to Open Blocked Site Without Proxy

Then how to open blocked sites so they can be opened? Here are some ways to overcome the sites blocked by government filters and service providers such as positive internet, newsletters, and other filter service.

Open blocked sites quite easily, we usually have to use a web proxy, change the DNS to Google DNS, DNS or using jumpers. But all of that is quite complicated. That is because the proxies used do not live forever, so we should change the proxy are still alive to be able to open the blocked sites. But if bloggers comfortable with using a proxy, you can read the article "How to Find Proxy Servers List" to get the proxy is still fresh.

How to open blocked websites with web proxies can also use, but the look of the site is not as perfect as we surf by default. Here are examples of sites that provide webproxy that can mate used to open blocked sites.

Then we have to use what to open the blocked sites? the answer is easy. We just need a mozilla add-ons to bypass blocked sites such. Please use AnonymoX mozilla add-ons. Add-ons that have auto proxy is used to replace the proxy automatically. With the Mozilla add-ons, the identity of your public ip adress will be disguised that you select the appropriate country in the menu Anonymox. Proxy already include in the add-ons, so you do not need to look for free proxies are usually die quickly.

The advantages of open sites were blocked with add-ons AnonymoX

1. Proxy is automated and include in the tools, change the IP and the State with a single click.
2. More simple and uncomplicated
3. Easy to use and user friendly.
4. Not Reduce Speed ​​Browsing.
5 Can be used with free lifetime
6. Opening the blocked sites.
7. Not use additional proxies.
8. Can overcome all IP blocks.

Here below is Anonymox add-ons that you can use at any time to open the blocked site by your internet provider. Please download the add-ons mozilla at the following link:

How to Use Anonymox Add-Ons to open blocked sites are as follows:

1. Right click on the logo of X, which is located on the lower right corner / mozilla add-ons toolbar and menu will appear as shown below. Put a check in the "Active".

2. Notice the picture below

Code 1 explains that the add-ons active and ready for use.
Code 2 is a menu to change the IP and the State automatically.
Code 3 is preferred IP and the State wants to use my friend. (click to select it and automatically IP and the State has been changed).

So I end information about "How to Open Site On The Block Without Proxies", that I can give. If you have questions, suggestions, and criticisms please ask through comment box or contact the admin. May be useful.

Ian Anthony
Internet Enterpreneur