09 September 2014

Finding Free Proxy Servers That Work Well

Proxy server is an intermediate server that is a party to both the connecting between one computer to another computer. To be more clear what is a proxy server, consider the following picture:

What is the function of the Proxy Server:
1 To be browsing be tracked (Anonymous)
2 To pass blocking on the web or specific IP
3 To filter or blocking certain web or IP

This proxy also be input data is crucial in software or Autosurf Auto YouTube Viewer (for how to use this software we will discuss another time).

Free Proxy servers can we find on the Internet through Google. The thing to remember is we have to use a Proxy and Live Working or could be used, because a lot of websites that provide the Proxy Working List, but not all, so we have to do the test or tests which can be used Proxy.

Finding Free Proxy Servers That Work Well

How to Find Free Working Proxy servers

1 Search on Google: free proxy list. For example, we use a Proxy List which is in www.proxy-list.org
2 Scroll to the bottom of the page Proxy-list, type the captcha image that appears and press enter.

3 After emerging Proxy list, do a copy of the list. The next task is to make sure all proxy servers that exist in the list of Working.

4 Do Googling: online proxy checker. For example, using the existing services in http://www.checker.freeproxy.ru/checker/index.php

5. Paste Proxy List which has been copied in step 3, in the area provided. And then click Enter

6 Wait for the checking process.

7 When finished checking, at the bottom of the table there will be a title Good Good HTTPS HTTP Proxies and Proxies. This is a truly Proxy Working or can be used. Please Copy Proxy List Notepad or directly on Youtube software Autoviewer column.

Here we provide 96 List Web Proxy To Open site blocked by your Internet Service Provider.

10. http://www.xerohour.org/hideme
11. http://www.proxyz.be/
12. http://www.sc0rian.com/prox
13. https://www.proxify.us/
14. http://kproxy.com/index.jsp
15. http://www.brawl-hall.com/pages/proxy.php
16. http://www.proxify.net/
17. http://proxy.computersteroids.com/index0.php
18. http://www.unipeak.com/
19. http://flyproxy.com/
20. http://alienproxy.com/
21. http://proxify.com/
22. http://www.unfilter.net/
23. http://www.proxymouse.com/
24. http://www.surfonym.com/cgi-bin/nph-proxy
25. http://www.superproxy.be/browse.pl
26. http://www.websiteguru.com/mrnewguy
27. http://www.letsproxy.com/
28. http://www.fsurf.com/
29. http://indianproxy.com/
30. http://www.letmeby.com/
31. http://Boredatschool.net/
32. http://www.ibypass.org/
33. http://www.ipzap.com/
34. https://proxify.biz/
35. http://kproxy.com/index.jsp
36. http://www.attackcensorship.com/attack-censorship.html
37. http://mrnewguy.com/
38. http://www.evilsprouts.co.uk/defilter
39. http://www.proxify.info/
40. http://www.torify.com/
41. http://www.switchproxy.com/
42. http://www.proxifree.com/
43. http://www.secure-tunnel.com/
44. http://www.proxify.cn/
45. http://www.arnit.net/utilities/webproxy/new
46. http://www.proxify.co.uk/
47. http://www.betaproxy.com/
48. http://www.proxify.org/
49. http://www.proxychoice.com/
50. http://www.proxysnail.com/
51. http://www.anonypost.com/
52. http://www.thestrongestlinks.com/
53. http://www.hujiko.com/
54. http://www.anonproxy.info/
55. http://www.peoplesproxy.com/
56. http://www.freeproxy.us/
57. http://www.proxyweb.net/
58. http://www.nopath.com/
59. http://urlencoded.com/
60. http://www.pole.ws/
61. http://www.browseany.com/
62. http://www.spiderproxy.com/
63. http://www.clickcop.com/
64. http://www.sneakysurf.com/
65. http://www.mywebtunnel.com/
66. http://www.thewebtunnel.com/
67. http://www.3proxy.com/
68. http://www.yourfreeproxy.com/
69. http://www.proxy7.com/
70. http://www.fireprox.com/
71. http://www.stupidcensorship.com/
72. http://www.letsproxy.com/
73. http://www.sneak2.com/
74. http://www.cecid.com/
75. http://www.freeproxy.ca/
76. http://www.ibypass.org/
77. http://www.goproxing.com/
78. http://www.projectbypass.com/
79. http://www.ipsecret.com/
80. http://www.nomorelimits.net/
81. http://www.proxify.de/
82. http://www.bywhat.com/
83. http://www.snoopblocker.com/
84. http://www.anonymizer.ru/
85. http://www.proxyking.net/
86. http://www.perlproxy.com/
87. http://www.proxylord.com/
88. http://tntproxy.com/
89. http://satanproxy.com/
90. http://zombieinvasion.info/
91. http://demonproxy.com/
92. http://www.myfreeproxy.com/
93. http://www.gezcem.com/nph-proxy.pl.old
94. http://mpleger.de/
95. http://www.the-cloak.com/login.html
96. http//www.ninjacloak.com/