08 January 2014

Find IP Address Of Our Internet Connection

IP address is a unique identifier for each computer connected to the network, both local and internet. When we connect to the internet, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that we will use your IP address (public IP) automatically. The IP address is different from the IP address for your local network.

Internet Protocol or commonly abbreviated IP address of the host computer in a network the Internet, any Internet has its own IP Address provided by the internet provider. As known, the IP address is divided into 3 sections, the previous article on the Division Class IP Address, IP Address that is often used is a class C which was formed about 2 million networks.

Find IP Address Of Our Internet Connection

Find IP Address via the Internet

There are several websites that provide the facility to check the IP address, of course, must be connected to the internet to check the IP Address via the internet, you can visit the website www.ip-address.com or www.whatismyip.com.

Find IP Address Of Our Internet Connection

To check the IP Address provided by your ISP when you connect to the internet, you can visit these sites above.

When you open the site, it will automatically display the ip address, country, city of the ISP, and the name of the ISP you are using.

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