21 January 2014

How To Speed Up the Download Using IDM become super 11 times faster

There are many ways to speed up downloads using Internet Download Manager or IDM. How to speed up the first IDM can use the software and the second with a few tips on your windows.

I would like to share information about how to optimize the performance of a download manager, which is Internet Download Manager is for those of you may already have experience in using this app. IDM is a tool to download very quickly by taking the total connections in the surrounding tissue, it is not uncommon when the application is being operated, browsing the internet browser being slow. Even so no one if we use this application as well as possible. Well now I will tell how it optimizes the system performance of IDM application.

There are 3 ways to speed up the download using IDM become super 11 times faster. The first is by setting the IDM, the second is to apply the settings to the registry on the computer/laptop, and the third is to use the software, ie the IDM Optimizer.

How to setting IDM in order to become a faster download.

1. Open your IDM applications already installed
2. Click Options on the top menu options.

How To Speed Up the Download Using IDM become super 11 times faster

3. Then select the connection and set the connection type / speed.

Select the LAN 10 Mbs if you were in the cafe, select other if using a personal computer.

4. At default max conn number, select the maximum number or 16.

5. Click OK,

Speeding up IDM Using Registry

1. Click the start menu and click RUN.

2. Type REGEDIT and press OK or enter.

3. When out the new window, select HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

4. Press OK and please you restart your PC.

How to speed up download IDM with IDM Optimizer

IDM Optimizer is an application that is specially made ​​for the IDM that serves to further maximize the performance of the IDM application, but it also depends on the speed of your internet connection, IDM can only maximize your network connection, so your internet package must also be increased again.

Such is the easy way to setting IDM for more rapid and maximal in helping you download any file it. Thus my article at this time about How To Speed Up the Download Using IDM become super 11 times faster. may be useful for those who often have problems when downloading files. That's all, and thank you.