08 February 2014

Using a Laptop With The Charger Still Plugged

Are you one of the users laptop? Nowadays it is the era of the laptop. Indeed, there are still many who use a PC, but not like it used to, it may be much reduced. Laptop is much simpler, easier to carry anywhere and of course the current price is not too expensive anyway. So, it is definitely getting inundated laptop enthusiasts.

Many have a misconception about the assumption that using the laptop in the charger is still plugged or plugged in, the battery can be quickly made ​​damaged, or drop. That was then, this was not true, because there have been efforts from the laptop manufacturer to further pamper users. Of reference that I get and I read, the laptop turns the output "after" 1996, the existing battery controller. So do not upset when using the laptop while it is charged and it seems even recommended. Battery controller will automatically adjust the work of our laptop battery. When the battery is full, it will be automatically cut off/stop charging our laptop battery and switch to using electric current/power from the mains. Fear battery bloating? No need to fear, now it is set up with its battery controller. So, now you are able to charge your laptop while used for activities with your laptop.

If in earlier times there were suggested for removing the battery, for now do not let you do it, the better the battery is installed on. Of reference that I read, there is information about a pretty good suggestion. Namely, when the 5 minutes prior to use, plug the charger and started to charge the laptop. And 5 minutes after the laptop shut down / turned off, the new charger is removed. This is only a suggestion, not mandatory, and it seems pretty good as well for the heck practiced.

Using a Laptop With The Charger Still Plugged

Using a Laptop With The Charger Still Plugged

About the reason why after 5 minutes since the laptop shutdown, a new detachable adapter, which I read in reference to the aim that is cooling down. As well as for floating to the battery.

Well anyway, from now on, do not misjudge that when used with a laptop is charged, the battery will be damaged quickly, so take it easy, guaranteed secure. Laptops today have already advance. I personally anyway if for light work such as typing and various other heavy work is not my regular laptop use. But if want to jamming heavy - heavy games, I used to rely on my PC for better specs and resilient. My laptop spec is also not suitable for playing games heavyweight anyway, so that is one reason I do not do heavy work with a laptop yes for some reason this one hahaha. However, for those of you who have a laptop that is good and strong specs, it looks like there is no harm if playing games or other heavy activity using the laptop. Because many are practicing it, and a laptop safe.