26 April 2014

How to Know the Mac Address in Windows OS

Network devices on a computer or laptop generally has a unique address to identify a computer, this address is usually called the MAC Address. Therefore, each computer has a different mac address.

MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique address that identifies a PC / Laptop, router / node on a computer network. MAC Address formed on 12 digit hexadecimal number. MAC Address also can be called Physical Address, Local Administration MAC Network, Ethernet Address. Each network has a unique MAC address or an address that is used for the identity of a network (NIC / Network Interface Card) in an OSI layer called the Media Access Control sub-layer.

Many people mistakenly perceive the MAC address as the name of an operating system made ​​by Apple (Macintosh). Here is the MAC address stands for Media Access Control, in Windows XP known as Physical Address.

How to Know the Mac Address in Windows OS

1. Click on the Start menu in the bottom left corner of the taskbar.

How to Know the Mac Address in Windows OS

2. Type cmd in the box as in the picture, then press the Enter key on the keyboard.

3. Type ipconfig/all at the command prompt, and then press the Enter key on the keyboard. This will bring up the information as shown below.

Well, Physical Address (MAC Address) we get! If we look at the picture above, then we will get 2 pieces Physical Address (MAC Address) that exist on our computer. Now, Where Physical Address (MAC address) is correct?

As I explained earlier in this article, Physical Address (MAC Address) is the identity of a network card. For this case, we can be sure that this computer has a network card that is 2 pieces, Ethernet LAN and Wireless LAN Card.