28 April 2014

Video Games Not Affect Lesson Value in Schools

Adelaide - The parents often forbid their children to play games with a variety of reasons. Too often perceived to interfere with game play in school grades, and attitudes worsen.

Apparently, the game does not affect anything. That statement is not without foundation, but rather the result of a recent study conducted by researchers at Flinders University, South Australia.

Video Games Not Affect Lesson Value in Schools 

According to them, the video game does not have a negative impact on the performance of adolescents, according to Ubergizmo launch.

The study was conducted by analyzing data over 192 thousand student participants Programme for International Student Assessment 2009 from 22 countries around the world.

Video Games Not Affect Lesson Value in Schools

Dr. Aaron Drummond, one of the researchers revealed, there is a small decrease in reading scores, but not too influential.

"It's not a big drop for the considered problem. Has never been a comprehensive examination regarding whether or not the relationship between playing video games for adolescents, and their performance in school. Indeed many negative opinions, but do not have enough evidence," said Aaron.

Do you agree with their findings?

*)news source: www.ubergizmo.com