08 May 2014

How to Delete Search History on Facebook

Facebook Search by default record the activities of users that can be used as an information insight. This information will be used as a reference to show ads and will ultimately be a selling point for Facebook in the eyes of the client advertisers.

But for some people what was done by Facebook is a breach of privacy, which is why Facebook also provides a feature for users to erase search history or the history of their account. It's easy.

How to Delete Search History on Facebook

1. First of all go to Facebook and log in to your account, click the gear icon and click Activity Log.

How to Delete Search History on Facebook

2. Or you can click on the timeline and click on the Activity Log.

3. In the left pane, click More.

4. And find the Search menu.

5. At the very top, click Clear Search or you can also delete only certain items, please scroll your mouse down to see the keywords that you ever find.

That is How to Delete Search History on Facebook, is not difficult but this way of course would never be exposed if not sought. The most important thing now your privacy is maintained.