07 September 2014

How To Download Facebook Video Without Any Application

I have done somewhat personalized buttons or tabs on the video to find how to download a Facebook video that is on Facebook a friend, finally do meet also in a Youtube video and a very easy way. Facebook is the world's most popular social media. In the Facebook variety of features available, ranging from share status, photos, to videos. This time I will discuss about how to download Facebook videos.

Maybe you have opened or play a video on Facebook. Videos that you think is interesting, funny, or so that came the desire to download the video. But, once again the question arises how to download videos from Facebook?

If you have software Internet Download Manager (IDM) will appear automatically download button located near the Facebook video. But for those who do not have the IDM, as yet or lazy download it.

Download Facebook Video Without Any Application

How To Download Facebook Video Without Any Application

To find out how just follow the steps below:

• Surely you are already logged in Facebook
• Click the video you want to download
• Once open, rotate the video, but before playing, the first change to the mobile version of Facebook
• Replace the existing URL in the address bar of the browser, for example: https://www.facebook.com be m.facebook.com (the mobile Web version to version)
• Then rotate the video, right click on the video, there is usually written to download the video (video Save as ...) or video files will be automatically downloaded
• If you can not, but you have IDM (Internet Download Manager)
• Right-click on the video Copy video URL to IDM
• Completed, the video has been downloaded.

• Files that are downloaded instead of just video, sound files (songs, recordings) can also be downloaded

Do not forget to bookmark such a way so that when you want to download videos from facebook, you are not confused anymore and know how.