27 September 2014

Leaked Spesification of Samsung Galaxy S6 Already Exists!

Not yet even a year from the launch of the Galaxy S5, now there are rumors that say if the Samsung Galaxy S6 is in the design. This device will not be introduced this year. At Mobile World Congress 2015 will likely be the latest smartphone from Series type was introduced to the public.

Leaked Spesification of Samsung Galaxy S6 Already Exists!

Of existing news, Samsung Galaxy S6 will have no further use with plastic casing. As written Kpopstarz website, the body of the smartphone Galaxy Sseries 6th generation this will be made from aluminum material. In addition, the screen of the smartphone landscape is likely to have a larger size than the Galaxy S5, which is 5.5 inches.

If the Galaxy S5 offers quality Full HD resolution, the Samsung later reportedly will carry the quality of 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels) for this device. In addition, some sources also said that if the screen of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 will be designed with the concept of curved or flexible.

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So far there has been no definite confirmation from officials about the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6. But if you're still curious about the latest rumors, news continues to follow developments.