30 September 2014

Moon Calendar - Lunar Calendar

Moon Calendar is the calendar made by referring to the cycles of the moon around the earth, with an average of 29.53 days per month. Within a year or 354 days, a moon around the earth 12 times.

In human history, there are three types of calendars used by humans on this planet. First, solar calendar (the solar, based on the sun). Gregorian calendar, Iran and Japan is a Solar calendar. Second, the Moon Calendar or lunar calendar (qamariyah, based on the month). Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar and Java. Third, the lunisolar calendar is a lunar calendar that is tailored to the sun. Lunar calendar, Saka, Buddhist and Jewish calendar is lunisolar. Because the lunar calendar year is 11 days faster than the solar calendar, the lunisolar intercalation had a month (month 13) every three years in accordance with the order of the sun.

Moon Calendar

Humans have at least two main reference in the timing of the calendar. Two of these references are based on two celestial objects, the Sun and the Moon. The sun as a reference, to inspire people to make a calendar system the Sun (Solar Calendar). As for the Moon, humans use it as a base in the manufacture of a Moon Calendar (Lunar Calendar).

Moon Calendar - Lunar Calendar

The only natural satellite of the Earth is owned by Moon. Earth moves around the Sun along with the Moon that are in orbit. The moon has an important role in the life of mankind on Earth. Moon's gravity causes the tide so as to enable the fishermen to determine where they will go to sea and come back to the ground.

Another function of moon sighting is much more important role as the basis of calculation of the moon calendar. Basically, the daily motion of the Moon is divided into two, namely rotation and revolution. Both are said to be "daily motion" because the two movements is carried out simultaneously every day. Moon rotates on its axis and revolves around the Earth. The movement of the Moon around the Earth is the one on which the making of the calendar month. Vulnerable time (period) is used as a reference revolution Month in determining the number of days each month.

The short explanation is a stimulus for the reader to be more interested in studying the Moon who was instrumental in making calendar. Furthermore, we as speakers attempted to convey a more comprehensive explanation of the moon calendar.

Moon Calendar (lunar calendar) is the calendar that is based on the revolution of the Moon to the Earth. One round of the lunar calendar with 12 rounds each revolution of the Moon. Month revolution lasted for 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes 9 seconds. So 1 lunar year equals 354 days 10 hours 49 minutes 48 seconds or 354.45125 days (10 days shorter 17 hours 4 minutes 37 seconds or 10.711539351 days than the solar calendar). There are two kinds of calendars are included in this category are hijriyah calendar, and the Saka Java calendar.