29 September 2014

Samsung Galaxy A7 Soon Released - Price Leaked

Leading smartphone manufacturer Samsung will re-launch its new product namely the Galaxy A7 which is a high-end version of the series "A Galaxy". In addition to the Galaxy A7, Samsung will also produce two other types of the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5. The product will be manufactured with metal and LTE connectivity.

Galaxy A7 is expected to be launched only in some countries, while two other A Galaxy series will be launched worldwide. Galaxy A7 carries the 5.5 inch screen and has dual SIM slots.

Apparently, Samsung has been quite frustrated with many gadget lovers comments regarding the materials used in its premium smartphone. As we know, while other vendors have started using metal materials for class flagship, the Samsung still faithfully uses plastic materials. Galaxy Note 3 is expected to have a material metal, also apparently just got a change in the back in the form of faux leather, which is quite elegant and looks more attractive.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Soon Released - Price Leaked

Although not slide on the market, but the existence of Alpha Galaxy family is becoming a relentless debate among netizens. Because the Galaxy Alpha series will debut with a Samsung smart phone with premium materials such as metal. Some previous leaks, says that there are two versions of the Galaxy and Galaxy A3 A5. And recently, the latest news for the Alpha family is the presence of the Samsung Galaxy A7, which is a filler in high-end for the Alpha series. You want to know more news about the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A7:

Samsung Galaxy A7 Specification Equipped with 5.5 Inch Screen and Dual SIM

Samsung Galaxy A7 Soon Released - Price Leaked

Unfortunately, from the news reported by PhoneArena, Galaxy A7 will only be available in a few countries. While two other versions of the Galaxy and Galaxy A3 A5 will be distributed throughout the world market.

The news about the Galaxy A7 discovered through the site Zauba the Indian import data import form showing the SM-A700, which is the codename of the Galaxy A7. The device is being sent to India and will undergo an evaluation process. The information obtained from these sites, the Galaxy A7 will use the 5.5-inch screen with dual-SIM feature. Not yet known whether the dual-SIM feature is available for all models, or just for the Indian and Asian markets only.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Price

There has been no word on the price of the Samsung Galaxy A7. But according to the prediction, the price of Samsung Galaxy A7 will be in the range $ 450- $ 500. Continue to monitor our website to get the information the official price of Samsung Galaxy A7.