Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Latest Info Use Exynoss 4415

Samsung Mobile is now designing a smartphone Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 as the successor to the first generation Galaxy Mega. The good news, this handset will be available with the support of better specifications than the Samsung Galaxy Mega first generation. In addition, for the sale price alone will not be too expensive, given this handset will target the middle class segment.

Until now, the products are still in the production stage is not yet officially introduced to the public, although such information on its main specifications have been leaked by a number of reliable sources.

The latest news that we managed to get, Galaxy Mega 2 will be powered by Exynoss 4415 chipset for specific types. That information is sourced from SamMobile, in which the site is often divulge the latest products of Samsung.

From these sources, known also if the device with a screen 5.9 "inch has a code name Vasta. In addition, well known for supporting the specification will use the capacity of 2Gb RAM and graphics processor Mali-400MP GPU. As for the operating system, this product is expected to adopt the Android OS 4.4 KitKat.

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Since there has been no extensive details of the Samsung official, the above information may be wrong or mistaken. Therefore, to determine the price and specifications of Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 is complete we wait for further news from the Samsung.
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