28 September 2014

Windows 9 Full Version Launched By Microsoft At 2015

The latest rumor emerged from Microsoft which is an OS vendor in the world, Microsoft reportedly will re-launch the latest operating system Windows 9 at 2015. After a lot of devices running the operating system Windows 8.1, Microsoft currently preparing for the Windows 9 Full Version has returned that it plans to be ready at launch in 2015.

Windows 9 Full Version Launched By Microsoft At 2015

Windows 9 Full Version Launched By Microsoft At 2015

Windows 9 Full Version

On the other hand appears also rumors saying that Windows 9 Full Version will only cater desktop computer (PC) only, because Microsoft reportedly only focuses on improving the desktop computer (PC). But also it is possible if later Microsoft will bring Windows 9 to Windows Phone 9. 

Of the outstanding issues, but there has been no official announcement regarding the brand name Windows 9, but rumors circulating this operating system will be called Windows 9 Extreme Edition.

Later revealed that the first version of Windows 9 will appear in early 2015 between January if not February. It can thus be claimed that Microsoft has provided an opportunity to the developer to do the testing process on the operating system Windows 9 Full Version before the official release. In the near future, for Windows 
9 Preview Version will be released soon. You read the first news about the launch of Windows 9 Preview Version via the link below :

Windows 9 Preview Launched By Microsoft
Microsoft Launch Windows 9 Preview At The End of September 2014

Here the Microsoft hopes, with the latest operating system Windows 9 will bring a significant change to the platform of Windows without exception Cortana who is the personal assistant of Windows, which is now available in Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft also plans to follow include Cortana in some devices other than smartphones, and here Windows 9 Full Version seems to be a great time to start new things for tablet devices and PCs. Is this true? We wait for further news news from Microsoft regarding the presence of Windows 9 Full Version.