10 Best Video Editor Software and Free Download 2015

If talking about Free Download Best Video Editing Software or we often refer to as Application Edit Video, of course not separated from the name of the price, meaning the price of a product can give a clear picture of how well the software or application is working (in this case for editing video), the higher the obviously, the better the price. But you do not have to worry, because there are 10 Best Video Editor Software and Free Download 2015. Here we will give a review and link download for free video editing software.

10 Best Video Editor Software and Free Download 2015


From the editor to editor lightwork software designed specifically for editors, with a gorgeous display and features and capabilities as a powerful video editor for production or produce quality video, like vegas pro or adobe premiere pro

Download Lightworks For Free | File : 125MB

File Lab Video editor

Online editor for video editing like trim, cut, rotation, mix, tansisi, overlays, effects and animations as well as easy to convert your video files to the results of your favorite gadjet, like windows movie maker but support the online version of Materials and wider media.

Download File Lab Video editor For Free | File : 1MB

VideoLAN Movie Creator

VideoLAN Movie Creator (VLMC) or video editing video editor for windows freeware non-linear video made ​​by VLC player. (Non-linear editing (NLE) is a method where the user can edit the video frame by frame)

Download VideoLAN Movie Creator For Free | File : 24.2MB


Avidemux simple video editor untuk windows, cut, filter dan enconding task
fle yang didukung .AVI DVD .MPEG .MP4, Avidemux hanya untuk video editing standar.

Download Avidemux For Free | File : 11.20MB


T@bZS4 Video Editing and Compositing Software free with wah features, for class software video editor, video editor brought by this software is no longer the standard classes such as cut, trim just the T @ bZS4 already menudukung video processing layer by layer, the nodes, which can produces a visual effect more wow.

Download T@bZS4 For Free | File : 2.6MB

Windows Live – Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker made by microsoft as usual this software there is always good on any Windows OS XP​​, Vista, Seven, or editing capability Metro also is not so great but if you just want to create a standard slideshow you can rely on this software, ease of use is quite good.

Download Windows Live – Movie Maker For Free | File : 25MB

Machete lite editor

Machete editor lite lite version is usually always give a standard feature, but it is sufficient if it needs editing video just cut, cut, delete, mix with MP3 and save video frames to bmp file extension

Download Machete lite editor For Free | File : 1.5MB


High performance and flexible video compositing and software to produce visual effects with ease, a dream to create 2D and 3D video, explosion effects, masks, shapes, rotate and others can be done / produced by the video editor and compositing of this software.

Download Wax For Free | File : 2.6 MB


Video maker and editor for youtube, you can use this software as a video slide show maker software, jpg, bmp, gif, like CamStudio video recording, video cast, then upload to youtube (optional)

Download Ezvid For Free | File : 86.2MB


Make slideshows easier, VideoSpin is very easy to use and can be used as a substitute for standard video editor windows movie maker, the ability is not much different except that it looks more beautiful.

Download VideoSpin For Free | File : 170 MB
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