12 October 2014

5 Applications Music Player For Samsung Android

5 Applications Music Player For Samsung Android

- Music has become part of everyday human life. Music can make life more colorful, be a cheerleader, or evoke certain memories. Now you can enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

Portable music players have been around a long time, ranging from large shape like the Sony Walkman to the iPod Nano is small like. One more device music player that we often use, which is a smartphone.

Android smartphones have a built-in music player which can be used GooglePlay Music users Jellybean Android 4.1 and above. However, the function for some Android users are still less reliable or complete.

Some smartphone vendors is giving "injection" to Google Play Music, but only change the zoom only, not function.

So what if the user wants more functionality? Herein lies the advantage of Android with its diverse applications. Here are some apps music player and music management in Android is worth a try.

5 Applications Music Player For Samsung Android

5 Applications Music Player For Samsung Android

1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music be the default music player application in Android 4.1 Jellybean up. This application is a development of the previous default Android music player.

Google Play Music has the ability to sort music based on artist, song title, album, or create a playlist. There is a choice of equalizer settings in the Google Play Music.

This application also supports playback of music files from the cloud, so users can upload their music to the music library in the cloud services of Google, and can be played anytime, anywhere.

2. MixZing Music Player

MixZing Music Player has many features but easy to use. Recently, the application is also getting an update which makes it as an ideal music player application, if there are no annoying ads.

Applications can display the music based on the songs, artists, albums, and genres of music. When viewing a list of music based on genre, users can also have the option to see the title of the album, song, or artist name.

Playlist management is also quite clever owned, there are auto-playlists and recently added to easily create playlists.

There is also an integrated file browser to facilitate the search for media. Users can directly set the currently playing song as a ringtone. S

Elain was, organizer functions are extremely sophisticated, such as the ability to edit the tags of a song. Users also presented information such as artist biographies, song lyrics, as well as search results from Wikipedia, YouTube, and Google.

For those who like to set the equalizer, MixZing has the feature to adjust how the treble and bass settings of a song to be heard. Users can even provide different settings for a particular song or album in the playlist. MixZing also can give a song stored recommendation, based on the music that is often played.

As with other music player, music player interface replaces lockscreen. Users can also have control gestures. Users Jelly Bean also has a music control in the notification bar.

Application does not run in the background when not needed, and only takes 20 MB of memory when running.

Unfortunately the ads still appear frequently in this application. The video will be displayed before the user wants to do something. But overall, this application has great features and easy to use.

Download MixZing Music Player app on Google Play Store from this link.

3. Winamp

Winamp popularly used in desktop PCs. Application of artificial music player Nullsoft Inc. it has stopped its services in the desktop and mobile versions. However, Winamp Android version can still be used and downloaded from a third party.

Its function is almost the same as the PC version, it's just for the equalizer and song lyrics are not available in the free version. Playlist management quite well in this application, it is very easy to add a song in the list and save it. There are also auto playlists like recently added, recently played, and played top.

Winamp owned lock screen is designed to be at the top of the lockscreen smartphone users, so it should unlock two lockscreen.

One of the advanced features that Winamp is owned by voice command. Users simply mentioning the title of the song and if the settings correct, then Winamp will immediately play.

Application does not run in the background when not needed, and only takes 30 MB of memory when running.

Winamp does not have a display ad in the interface, making it ideal for those who have small screen smartphone.

Download Winamp application from this link.

4. CloudSkipper

CloudSkipper has a beautiful interface. The track list can be displayed based on artist, album, song, and genre. The difference is, when the display list based on genre, users were treated to a list of all the songs, rather than a choice between the title of the song, album, or artist.

There is a little complicated equalizer is used, but once the setting is done, the resulting sound is quite good. Even CloudSkipper also provide reverb effects, virtualizer, and bass booster. Unfortunately for the Android devices with lower specs, this feature makes it even choked up a song.

CloudSckipper owned lockscreen is also quite good. Good enough to be used as a permanent locksreen. CloudSkipper application is not running in the background when not in use, and only takes up 12 MB ​​of RAM memory when running.

CloudSkipper not advertise and ideal for the small screen of smartphone users. Overall, this application is not too prominent, only has the basic functions that can be actually takes a lot of people.

Download the app CloudSkipper at Play Store from this link.

5. Poweramp

Poweramp into a feature-rich music player in Android. The paid app, but users can enjoy the trial for 15 days after download it from the Play Store.

The application supports a variety of audio formats, equipped with a 10 band equalizer, can display lyrics, .cue file support, and a variety of other playlist formats.

There are also tag editor that can be used to mark a file, to make it more easily searchable. Search song files in this application can also be done quickly.

Poweramp has a lock screen widget, so users can set it up on screen Home Screen on their device, and have control over song playback. Various visual owned Poweramp settings can also be obtained.

Download the app Poweramp at Play Store from this link.