Free Download Vine, Application Sharing Video From Twitter

Vine is a free application that allows users to record and share the clip lasted six seconds to fellow users on Twitter or Facebook. As we all know social media Twitter has released a video sharing application, Vine versions of Android phones. This free application received a positive response since it was launched in the previous iPhone.

There are differences Vine features on iPhone and Android phones. The zoom feature only on Android. However, there are some special features in iOS, like front camera support, hashtag, search, and share to Facebook.

Free Download Vine, Application Sharing Video From Twitter

Free Download Vine, Application Sharing Video From Twitter

Vine is a new way that we can choose for short video sharing. If we usually need to upload the video to a certain website that the link can be shared on twitter, this time we can distribute it directly through the application. How to use it is also quite easy, we just press the record button on the screen and release it when finished.

Unfortunately, we can only record the desired events for six seconds! Nevertheless, we can record with different settings in the video as long as the duration of the video is not more than six seconds. Because after six seconds, the video that we recorded will be saved automatically. In addition to twitter users, this application can also be used to distribute video through social networks facebook, you know! The new app can be downloaded for free by IOS-based smartphone users.

For users of Android-based smartphone, you can find the latest popular posts and topics through the Explore feature. Users can also find and invite others to join via the Find Friends feature. The next few weeks, Vine features in Android will be frequently updated. Vine parties plan to add different features, which exist only in Android.

For those of you who are curious to try the features of the Vine, you can download it for free on Google Play Store.
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