How to Fix Webcam Acer Crystal Eye 4530 Problem/Trouble

This article is based on our experience, we never had a problem on Acer laptop, when we first bought Acer Crystal Eye 4530, webcam having problems. We've tried a variety of drivers, either Suyin or Bison but still problematic. Finally we asked google and we found an interesting source from abroad to help us solve the problem webcam acer 4530. We've tried and succeeded. And we want to share this knowledge to you that might have the same problem.

How to Fix Webcam Acer Crystal Eye 4530 Problem/Trouble

1. You have to remove the front panel of the laptop Acer 4530 (see the image below)

How to Fix Webcam Acer Crystal Eye 4530 Problem/Trouble

Remove the rear battery, and then remove the screws that give red box in the picture. When finished, slowly loose connection on the front panel light green box, blue box it is a notebook stand or laptop pole.

2. If the front panel has an open look, use a small screwdriver and carefully remove its front panel. The apparition would like this:

You have to be careful here, because if not careful there are some parts that can be broken ... if already open will be like this:

3. Then it will be seen that in the left and right in the front panel there are some wires. Our concern is that on the left. In the left panel buddies will see a white connector and a cable in the screw (see picture). Loosen the screw and slide the black wire to the right so that we get a cable that is not too tight and close it the screw.

4. Then slowly, must let loose the white connector in the picture. After slowly removed, then plug it back in and be sure to install the white connector was plugged solid.

5. Close the front panel back in and turn on your laptop.

6. Finish. Webcam you'll be back to work.

Hopefully this info is helpful and saves you money. The entire risk incurred on repairs done yourself is your own risk, Good luck.
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