How to Make a Moving Picture Animated Gif In Facebook Timeline

Lots of Facebook users who are wondering How to Make a Moving Picture Animated Gif In Facebook Timeline. Usually these moving images, often called the animated GIF image. This image can move themselves to a certain tempo. GIF images are much in use to help explain an image to be more understood and more on understanding and one GIF image would seem to give the impression more satisfied on the visor. actual moving image itself is a combination of more than one image then the image of the united enjadi the GIF extension. actually there are many services supervisor GIF image maker but I will give one example you to make a GIF image, here you can make as many pictures as you wanted, then resize the image size, and set the tempo speed of movement of the picture, and slipped the picture with sound of music available on youtube.

In previous discussions I've given How to Insert Moving Image Animated GIF on Facebook Timeline or Wall, This time I'll show you how to create animated gif images to facebook. There are 2 ways to make animated gif image on facebook. The first way to use online gif maker site, and the second with Photoshop. You can make the image GIF is suppose to send to your friend on facebook timeline. or to give a particular greeting card to describe something with a picture with words that impressive.

How to Make a Moving Picture Animated Gif In Facebook Timeline

How to Make a Moving Picture Animated Gif In Facebook Timeline

Steps to make animated gif image that can move via online

This way you do not need to learn software such as GIF image maker software. You just upload a picture and set some configurations.

1. For the first step you can click this link

Features available:

Upload a picture from your PC
Preview images which will be completed
Set large size GIF image
Set the pace or tempo of motion picture
The voice that you can take from youtube
Button to process images

2. If you are finished my friend can download the finished image by clicking on the link that appear under the button "create now".

3. Finish. You can see a photo or image that mate directly created earlier. or if you want to save on Computers friend can download it. then my friend could also share moving pictures to your facebook's friends.

Steps are to make animated gif image that can move with Photoshop

The way is quite simple, all you need is:
1.-Application static HTML iframe tabs on Facebook
2. Adobe Photoshop CS5 [or any version that supports animation]
3. Application Quicktime Player [needed in photoshop]

The steps are as follows:
1. Make sure you have installed the application iframe tabs on your Facebook page.
2. Locate / download animated images [GIF] you want
3. Open Photoshop select File> import> video frames to layers
4. In the column contents with the file name *.* Then click load and select animated images, if you've just hit ok.

5. Press Ctrl + Alt + I to resize the image. Change to 111 x 74 [if when you try to re-size the size but the size can not be right 111 x 111 x 74 it would happen 81 or 111 x 92 for example, it is not why, go ahead]
6. Check the images that have been in the last resize by clicking on the window> animation
7. Save the image was Psd format. If a warning box appears sort of just remove the check mark on the maximize compatibility.

8. Login Facebook, then go to your page. Click the triangle to edit iframe tabs.

9 Click the pencil [edit] select edit settings

10. Replace the word welcome with words that you like, click the replace option to replace the image, select the image animation .psd you created earlier and click upload.

11. Once the upload is complete, do not forget to save all your changes.
12. Check your Facebook page.
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