05 October 2014

How to Setting Computer Back to Factory Setting?

Here are some reasons to restore your computer back to factory settings: if you want to sell the computer to someone, download the software right the wrong, or removing memory. These steps will help you to get back to factory settings without any problems.

Difficulty: Easy

How to Setting Computer Back to Factory Setting?

Things You'll Need:
  1. CD factory settings 
  2. How to Use CD Restore Factory Settings 
  3. Be sure to transfer all the files that you want to save to a USB memory stick or burn to CD. 
  4. Insert the Restore Factory Settings into the CD drive. This CD is packed with your computer. 
  5. Confirm you want to restore the factory settings. The computer will begin to restore all settings. Do not interfere with your computer, as this process may take several hours. . 
  6. Reboot the computer to complete the process. 

How to Use Computer Rebooting the Start-Up

  1. Turn on your computer. Soon there will be a black screen. You can restore the factory settings without CD also. It will reset your BIOS.
  2. Press F1 when the black screen appears, you will enter the setup configuration mode. You will be presented with a menu. 
  3. Select Restore Factory. Your computer will do all the work for you. Like the CD, this process can take several hours. 


This process will erase everything but the operating system and factory-download the software.