26 November 2014

How to Make Vector Design in Android

How to Make Vector Design in Android - A designer could not be separated from her beloved pc or laptop. With these items, they create works that can be used for personal purposes or there is also what makes the work to be sold to someone else.

Apparently, create vector logo not only can be done in your pc or laptop. By using Android smartphone, you can also create a design that is no less great. The name of this application is Infinite Design. [Img] With Infinite Design, you can create vector-based design easily without having to use a computer. Not much different from the vector in the computer software maker, Infinite Design also has unique features such as

  • Unlimited Layers and 5 Symmetrical Type
How to Make Vector Design in Android

Infinite Design can make the screen as much as anything to help make your design more perfect, in addition to the 5 types of symmetric you can use to create a design that has a unique symmetrical pattern.
  • Unique Tool Set and Create Clean Outlines
How to Make Vector Design in Android 2

Infinite Design has the tools that are useful and help the process of making the design. Infinite Design can also be used to perform image tracing beyond that normally use the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Intuitive Controls and Easy Color Selection
How to Make Vector Design in Android 3

The lines are drawn with Infinite Design can you set at will you. Color selection can also easily with Easy Color Selection for Infinite Design.

In addition to the above features, there is also a feature that lets you save the results of a vector which you made with the extension JPEG, PNG, PSD, and SVG. You can donwload Infinite Design directly from the Google Play Store for free.

Infinite Design