17 December 2014

Lenovo IdeaTab S8 New Lenovo Tablet with a 64-bit processor

Tablet Lenovo IdeaTab S8 is Lenovo's recently introduced. Tablets that this one has its own peculiarities as it offers high performance thanks to the support of 64-bit processor architecture. Of course this type of processor is still rarely used in many smartphones and tablets. That's why the presence of the tablet products from Chinese vendors will be highly anticipated. To find out details about this product, the following can be listened to his presentation.

Lenovo has just introduced a new tablet called Lenovo IdeaTab S8, which is based tablet that carries a 64-bit processor from Intel. The presence of 64-bit processors on Lenovo's new tablet would further strengthen the performance of Lenovo IdeaTab S8 and Lenovo as wanted competing in the tablet arena after struggling in the smartphone world. So, what specifications of Lenovo IdeaTab S8? Here's his review.

If during this Lenovo always bring Windows 8.1 operating system on its tablet lineup, now they bring the operating system Android 4.4 KitKat with hardware innards of the Intel 64-bit architecture.

Lenovo IdeaTab S8 New Lenovo Tablet with a 64-bit processor

Lenovo IdeaTab S8 New Lenovo Tablet with a 64-bit processor

Tablet Lenovo Idea Tab S8 is a tablet that has a stylish design with a touch of black. The shape is a bit similar to Redmi Xiaomi 1S. Just remember this is a tablet, certainly larger dimensions. To be sure, the latest Lenovo tablet this one is an elegant tablet that is quite luxurious.

The new Lenovo tablet armed with 8-inch wide screen. It seems that the number 8 on behalf of Lenovo IdeaTab S8 was referring to the dimensions of this screen. The screen is a type of display with IPS panel technology that has a resolution high resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels. This means that the tablet has been able to show a clear image quality, beautiful, and sharp. Very suitable for watching movies or videos. Especially this one tablet has a screen density of 283 pixels per inch.

As mentioned earlier, Lenovo Idea Tab Tablet S8 is the latest Lenovo tablet with a 64-bit processor architecture. Type of processor used is a four-core processor Intel Atom Z3745. Processors are developed based on the 22nm manufacturing technology has a speed of 1.3 GHz per core of his. Of course this makes the Lenovo Idea Tab Tablet S8 will have extraordinary abilities. Processor speed may look small but it is a 64-bit processor architecture. The processor type generally have the ability to more rapidly. Moreover, therein also have the integrated Intel HD Graphics GPU which lately has many upgrades in terms of managing graphics heavy games.

This remarkable processor combined with 2GB of RAM. This means that the latest Lenovo tablet is not only have the unusual ability to run programs or games. Lenovo Idea Tab S8 will also greatly superior in terms of multitasking. For internal memory, Lenovo equip this product with 16GB of internal memory. Interestingly, this memory can still be added to 64GB via MicroSD card slot. Of course this means that the tablet that one can store a variety of large data such as video or movie

Lenovo IdeaTab tablet S8 is equipped with an 8MP rear camera that supports Aperture f / 2. For a tablet, the main camera sector is good enough. Unfortunately, the tablet is less than the maximum for selfie and Video Call. This is because the latest Lenovo tablet is only equipped with a 1.6 MP front camera.

Problem connectivity, there is no detailed information about this new Lenovo tablet connectivity. The information revealed is that this tablet supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Moreover, reportedly Tablet Lenovo IdeaTab S8 will have another variant that supports LTE network. Lenovo IdeaTab S8 LTE variant will be equipped by modern technology Intel XMMTM 7160.

When you view the type of processor used, Tablet Lenovo IdeaTab S8 seem to be using the Windows 8.1 operating system. However, the assumption was wrong. The new Lenovo tablet turned out to be powered by the latest Android operating system, Android 4.4 KitKat. In a way, this is the first Android tablet that is powered by an Intel 64-bit

There has been no official information related to the type of battery to be used by this S8 IdeaTab tablet. However, Lenovo revealed that this digital device capable of burning up to 7 hours. The duration but not the duration standby, the maximum duration of use of the tablet.

Tablet Lenovo Lenovo IdeaTab S8 is the latest product of interest because they have such a 64bit processor architecture. The tablet is also very superior of the screen that carries high resolution. Unfortunately, Lenovo has not revealed the price of this tablet. For more details, Lenovo will reveal more details about the IdeaTab S8 at IFA 2014 event will take place in Berlin, Germany.

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