22 December 2014

Moving Animated Live Wallpaper App To Beautify Android

If you need Moving Animated Live Android wallpapers to enhance the look of your Android, you can use multiple applications in Google PlayStore. These applications is presented to you are happy to change customize the look of your Android as you want.

These applications also as a solution for those who were tired of the usual wallpaper and do not have a beautiful animation. Of course, the use of such applications is actually quite consuming power. If you did not make it, you can download a variety of applications that provide mobile wallpapers below.

Moving Animated Live Wallpaper App To Beautify Android

Moving Animated Live Wallpaper App To Beautify Android

Electric Screen Live Wallpaper

This application allows you to change the look of the background into the electrical display. Animation electricity will present itself when your finger touches the screen. This will make you feel to have the power of lightning coming out of your hand. Interestingly, not only the screen is issued in the form of lightning animated colorful but also the lightning will make a sound.

You can adjust the sound in the wallpaper settings in which there is in the setting. This application can be downloaded for free but this app will display ads that may for some you will be quite disturbing. You can download this application at the following link.

Download from Google Play

Waterfall Free Live Wallpaper

If you like the wallpaper with a beautiful view, you can use this application. This application has a picture of a waterfall wallpaper very pretty and beautiful. Not only visually, this application also allows you to listen to the sound of a waterfall that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

This application is available free of charge for you. However, if you use a paid version, then you will get four background beautiful waterfalls, seven sound of the waterfall and other features that do not exist in the paid version. If you want to try the free version first, you can download it at the following link.

Download from Google Play

Autumn Live Wallpaper

As the name suggests, this application brings the wallpaper image in the spring. You can see the wallpaper autumn with a beautiful and romantic view. You can choose 9 wallpapers themed fall quite spoil the eye. Autumn themed wallpaper will display a falling leaf that will give the impression of interesting.

If you are using a paid version, then you can get additional wallpapers and also a choice of six types of leaves that fall in different ways. However, the free version is still good enough to be used. You can download this application here.

Download from Google Play

S4 Water Pool Live Wallpaper

If you need a moving wallpaper to beautify the look of Android is very beautiful, then you can use this application. Not only beautiful, Android wallpaper displays a 3D image that is really good. You will see a view of the water world, complete with fish moving. You can also see water waves move and adjust the speed of the wave.

Not only that, you also can set the radius of the wave. In addition, the selection of fish, reflection display and other settings can be set up easily. Due to a variety of interesting features, the app downloaded. More than three million users who have downloaded this application.

This means that the application is quite a lot of interest. Perhaps because it looks incredible images that show the main attraction. In fact, this application provides the IAP system or In App Purchase. That is, you do not need to install the paid version.

You simply buy the IAP to unlock additional features of interest, such as additional scenes and chances are you adding frogs and turtles. Interesting is not it? You can download this application here.

Download from Google Play

Those are some applications that can deliver Android wallpapers move to enhance the look of your Android. Actually, there are many other applications of this kind. However, these applications include applications wallpaper pretty good. If you still feel less with the application option, you can download an application of this nature in Google PlayStore.

You can sort out the best by looking at the star rating owned by these applications.