20 May 2014

How to Change the Start button in Windows 8.1

When a Windows computer users know that this version does not include the Windows 8 Start button, many were disappointed and complained because it complicates the operation of the device. This condition makes the Windows 8 operating system less attractive despite having a great view.

Microsoft's answer user requests and then bring back the Start button on the Windows version 8.1, but it still only has the number one complained of shortage is no option to switch the button is considered boring.

But, do not worry because there is a simple application which can help solve your problem, the name Windows 8.1 start button changer.

How to Change the Start button in Windows 8.1

1. To use this application and replace the start button on your Windows 8.1, please first download the application here: http://www.door2windows.com/windows-8-1-start-button-change.

2. Next, extract the files on your computer disk.

How to Change the Start button in Windows 8.1

3. After the extraction process is complete, click on the application shortcut to run a program, if it appears popup warning click Run anyway.

4. Well, as this is the look of the Windows start menu changer 8.1 application, it is simple and easy to use.

5. This app only offers 3 types of buttons, the default first, second and third hover press. For additional options that exist on the Change button if you click on the Windows Explorer window will open and you are prompted to select a new icon for your computer's start button. So, you should first find a picture you like best and change through this application.

That was a way to change the start button in Windows 8.1, although this application categorized mini but for Windows 8.1 users will be very useful. Good luck!