20 May 2014

How to Reset the Start Screen in Windows 8.1

Features carried off the start screen of Windows 8 is not so welcomed by users of Windows computers, even by a relatively faster users familiar with computers.

The release of the Windows version 8.1 brings hope to overhaul one of these features, but in fact no better than the previous version. There are still problems that are often encountered, one of the most fundamental problem is not the emergence of shortcuts automatically when a new application is installed on the computer.

Making changes manually in the start screen is not easy especially if the composition and the zoom has been tampered with. But if already so, reset is the logical choice, but Microsoft does not provide a reset button to start screen so that we can do is to do it through the command prompt.

How to Reset the Start Screen in Windows 8.1

1. First you have to do is open the charm menu, and click the Search option.

How to Reset the Start Screen in Windows 8.1

2. From here type cmd in the search box and when the Command Prompt menu appears on the screen, navigate with the keyboard and press Shift + Ctrl + Enter, in order to be processed is elevated command prompt.

3. Then a window will appear as shown below.

4. Enter the following command, and then press enter.

del %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\appsFolder.itemdata-ms

5. then enter the following code and press enter again.

del %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\appsFolder.itemdata-ms.bak

6. Once again enter the command code below and closed by pressing enter.

Tskill explorer

After the third command code you entered correctly, please restart your computer and see the changes that occur. But need I remind you that in order to be successful without any problem should double-check command code given above. Only one character can be at risk for damaging your computer or derail plan to reset the start screen in Windows 8.1.