21 May 2014

How to Remove Data Install Windows 8 and 8.1

When you no longer need the data from the Windows 8.1 installation, you can delete it. This data does not actually give any effect to the PC, it's just going to take some space on your PC's memory capacity.

Because of a burden on the computer, then you'll want to delete the installation data from the computer, to delete the data install Windows 8 and 8.1 is very easy but is quite tricky. In this article will be discussed thoroughly, until all the data has to move from your computer. Please follow each step.

How to Remove Data Install Windows 8 and 8.1

1. To delete the data install Windows 8.1, you must log onto the computer as an administrator. Go first to 'This PC.'

How to Remove Data Install Windows 8 and 8.1

2. On the toolbar, click 'View.' In this option, you will be able to change the default settings of Windows on the data that can be viewed.

3. Search on the 'Show/hide.' Click the box next to 'Hidden items.' By default there will be a check mark. Remove the check mark. The data that is hidden will now be seen.

4. Now, you have to go into the main hard disk (marked with a C: drive on the 'Device and drives.') Right-click on the drive.

5. A semi-transparent folders will appear titled ESD.

6. Right click on the folder ESD. Click the 'Delete' to remove it.

7. A pop up window will appear as above. Make sure you close all programs first so fast removal process is complete. Now, back to 'This PC' and double-click on the main drive. Find and go to the Users folder.

8. Look for and go to the folder that the administrator account is used to download and install Windows 8.1. At the very top, there is a folder called 'AppData.' Double click on the folder.

10. Double click on the folder 'Local'.

11. Go to the Microsoft folder, then find the folder 'WebSetup.' Right click on the folder, click 'Delete.' Now go into the Recycle Bin and empty the contents. Restart your PC, and now the internal memory space of the data is clean before installing Windows 8.1. Do not forget to re-change the Hidden option items.

Now you've managed to delete the data install Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, do not worry about the side effects on the loss of these files, as far as I know the effect only becomes more computer storage space relief.