21 May 2014

5 Ways To Improve Speed And Efficiency In Windows 8

Hailed as a revolutionary of the Windows operating system, the version is still quite foreign to new users migrate from the previous series.

In addition to implementing a number of new changes, Microsoft also equip Windows 8 with a number of features generated from the development of previous features. There are also other features that act as a replacement especially in terms of appearance and management of applications, shortcuts and menus.

However, there are several ways to increase your speed in using Windows 8. Following are his ways.

5 Ways To Improve Speed And Efficiency In Windows 8

1. Tweak the Start Menu

Start Menu in Windows 8 is now replaced with the Start Screen. You can tweak the Start Screen for reconstructing conventional style display the Start Menu.

5 Ways To Improve Speed And Efficiency In Windows 8

Press the Windows key to go to the Start Screen. Then, type the name of the desired program in the Search feature. This feature can be accessed through the Windows key + S.

Right-click on the application and click the 'Pin to taskbar' if you feel the application will be used. If you still want to use the Start menu conventional, then you need to install third-party applications.

2. Using a Shortcut

Windows 8 and 8.1 are filled with a variety of shortcut access to applications and settings. Starting from a shortcut on the keyboard or by navigating the cursor in a particular direction on the screen. If you master this shortcut, you will be guaranteed a very effective use of your PC.

Some shortcut cursor on the screen because sometimes intrude inadvertently accessed. Simply disabling these features through your Windows settings.

3. Quick Shut Down

Options shut down now hidden on the PC, however, still can be done through the power user options menu. Right click on the lower left corner, (or Windows + X) and select Shut down.

You can also do it via the CTRL + ALT + DEL.

4. Faster Boot Time

Boot time in Windows 8 is already faster than the previous version in order to support its performance. But if you want to perform better you can turn off some programs how to Task Manager - Startup and disable some programs that you do not want to run, when the computer is first run.

5. Improving Performance of Windows 8

One way to improve the performance of your OS, is to upgrade the hardware. Using disk type SSD offer improved performance alternative folded on your PC.

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