08 May 2014

How to Solve High CPU Usage Due To Windows Bugs

When you experience a condition where the computer suddenly feels hotter, the fan work more often and perhaps slowing the performance of your computer is in a state that is too high CPU usage.

This condition is more annoying if it turns out you do not do anything, and where the High CPU load comes from? Of a number of issues that arise, the cause is bugs in wmiprvse.exe, fortunately for addressing computer user CPU is too high due to bugs wmiprvse.exe easy to overcome.

How to Solve High CPU Usage Due To Windows Bugs

1. First you have to do is make sure the cause of the decrease CPU usage of computer performer, not a virus or another. How to right click on the toolbar of your computer and click Start Task Manager, or press Crtl + Alt + Del.

How to Solve High CPU Usage Due To Windows Bugs

2. On the Windows task manager, click the Performance menu and note the CPU usage level, if it reaches 50% and above then your suspicions are true.

3. Then click the start menu and type Services, at the start menu you will see several options, click Services.

4. Then find the services Windows Management Instrumentation, right-click on the selection and click Stop or Restart.

The situation is quite often experienced by users who have not done the latest update, Microsoft itself has released a patch that you can download from this link: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id = 1157

As an option, you could do a similar way to Solve High CPU Usage Due To Windows Bugs.