19 May 2014

Software Needed to Make a Web Applications

After get information about the programming language must be prepared to develop a web application, the next step is setting up the software needs to build web applications. There are several software options that will be used, among other things:

Software Needed to Make a Web Applications

1. Net Bean

Netben is a free editor software for developing Java applications, make no mistake netben also support for developing Web applications with PHP, Netbean quite easy to use. transform and download this software please click https://netbeans.org/downloads/ there will be some choice, please download Netbean bundle that supports IDE for PHP, I am more familiar and comfortable with using Netbean, if you have other options you can also use the option What you think is more comfortable for PHP Script Editor.


XAMPP is a tool that provides software packages into one package. By installing XAMPP then no longer need to perform the installation and configuration of Apache web server, PHP and MySQL manually. XAMPP will install and configure it automatically for you or auto configuration. Xampp you can download here - xampp download.
XAMPP will give you facility to develop Web Applications with PHP, the package is in XAMPP is as follows:

Software Needed to Make a Web Applications

a. Apache servers, which are later used for a local web server, apache server installed on your computer, you'll work on the computer locally. Enough in your Web application testing on a local computer without having to download to a web server on the Internet directly.

b. PHP is a php interpreter will later translate source code php that can be read by the browser for display.

c. My SQL, is a software database server to store web application data that will be developed.

d. PHP my admin, is a small application to organize, and manage the MySQL database to make it easier to use. By installing XAMPP on your computer, you do not have to do the installation and configuration of software on top of one by one. so they can more quickly and easily.