19 May 2014

Programming Language Needed to Build Web Applications

People who are just starting to learn to build web applications, will be little wonder about the programming language used to build web applications, in fact a lot of choice but to master is obliged to know more about HTML programming language that must be mastered, can be read in the following article.

The development of the year to be one of milestones in all areas. One of them is when we talk about technology and all sorts of programs in it. For a programmer, following every development there is a necessity and needs. It aims to be always-in sashes and up to date on programs and technologies that will be created. Programming language into a most basic requirement for a programmer. Well, here are the top 10 programming languages ​​required by the programmer in the year 2014:

Programming Language Needed to Build Web Applications

1. Java

Programming Language Needed to Build Web Applications

Java is a programming language to be one of the most sought after and in demand by both programmers beginner class to professional class. Java is an object oriented programming language and based classes developed by Sun Microsystems in the 1990s. Java programming language is one of the most sought after and used by various software companies. Java itself is not just building a desktop-based software, but also web-based, mobile and the Android operating system. Java is designed to be able to work in various kinds of software platforms, such as Mac OS X and Windows. For the future use of Java is expected to be very popular and needed in any development of existing technology.

2. C Language

In studying any programming language, C language is the language of the most basic and compulsory first studied by programmers. Because basically the C language is the basis of other programming languages​​. The C language has begun to be developed around the 70's and has become the language of the oldest and most widely used by programmers. The C language itself is the beginning of the existence of other programming languages​​, such as C#, Java, JavaScript, and Python. The C language is widely used to build an operating system.

3. C++

C++ is a language that has a mid-level object-oriented programming features. Beginning C++ was created to improve the previous language C. C++ is the greatest strength of a greatest software, such as Firefox, Winamp, and Adobe programs. This is a programming language used to develop software systems in the form of applications, servers with high performance, client applications and video games.

4. C#

C# is a multi-paradigm language developed by Microsoft. C# NET to be part of the initiative. Combining the principles of the C and C++, C# is a general purpose language used for developing the software, such as Microsoft and Windows platforms.

5. Objective-C

Objective-C is one of the object-oriented programming language. And for all you users of Apple gadgets, Objective-C is a programming language into the operating system builder. This is one of the strengths of Apple's OS X and iOS, not forgetting its API. Objective-C has been generating a lot of different applications on the iPhone is very loved by the audience.

6. PHP

PHP became one of the widely used programming languages ​​today. Not only because it is provided for free, server-side scripting language that had indeed been designed to be able to create a dynamic website and other application development. PHP to be one that builds websites are famous in the world, such as WordPress, Digg and Facebook.

7. Phyton

Python language is a high-level language programming in languages ​​other levels. Python became one programming language to build a website and mobile applications. Python language into a programming language that is easy enough for beginners, because the language is easy to read with a syntax that is easy to understand as well. Python became a force of well-known applications, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Rdio. Python is also used by the developers of Google, Yahoo! and NASA as well.

8. Ruby

In the development of a website and mobile applications, the programmer also use the Ruby language. Ruby programming language designed to be simple and easy to write. This is the power possessed by Ruby. Ruby became builders of Scripd, GitHub, Groupon and Shopify. As with Python, Ruby is regarded as the language is quite user-friendly for beginners.

9. Javascript

Javascript is a programming language developed by Netscape and is derived from a collection of many syntax of the language C. This makes Javascript to be friends for all web browsers and is considered essential in developing the functions of the website interactive and animated. Javascript is also used in the development of a video game and also in the desktop application. Javascript interpreter embedded in Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Adobe Reader and Adobe Creative Suite.

10. SQL

Structure Query Language (SQL) is a programming language that has the specific purpose of managing data in relational database management systems. This language is often used to write a variety of functions query the database. SQL itself already has standards provided by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1980.