16 May 2014

Preparation to Make a Web App for Beginners

Before we discuss further how to make a web application, should be thought out in advance what things are to be prepared, be aware that the web application there are 2 main parts, namely Server and Client, therefore it is in programming to develop applications web will be two parts, namely scripts or programs that run on the client side and the execution scripts or programs that run on the server side execution.

Preparation to Make a Web App for Beginners

A. The script programs that run on the client machine are as follows:

1. Programming Languages ​​HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a standard language used to build a web application, a web application will not escape from the HTML structure in it, therefore it is one of the HTML programming language for web applications that must be mastered.

2. Java Script, Java script is a programming language that is used to process the web page to handle the actions of the user, and animations that run the client side of the machine, for easier JQuery Framework will be used to handle web scripts relating to this case javascript. JQuery is a Java Framework script with the slogan Write Less Do More that serves to shorten the writing of the script javascript making it easier to use. This is also one web application programming languages ​​should also be controlled.

Preparation to Make a Web App for Beginners

3. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a web application programming language that serves to adjust the layout of web pages, coloring and beautify web pages, CSS is also required to master to develop Web applications.

B. Script program that is run in server machine

1. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a programming language for building Web applications that run server side, php function to build a web page to make it more dynamic. in this case to simplify and shorten the PHP script, it will be used Framework Code Ignitor, to expand it, so that the development of a web application will be faster, safer and shorter.

C. Database Sever

1. MySql Server, is one of the database servers are very common juxtaposed with PHP, database is used to store data or information from a web page that can be used or accessed at a later date, the web application does have 2 roles programming language, namely script that is run client side and server side scripts run, the aim is that the burden of the client and the server load is divided into two parts so that the process becomes lighter because it is not charged on one side only.

Above programming languages ​​is compulsory to learn to develop web applications, which will be discussed one by one in the next post.