15 May 2014

What is a Web App?

Internet in modern times has become a staple and become integral to most people, there are Internet users and there is also a maker of Internet applications or web applications, Internet users are not required to understand how the web page is created, but it is different with the manufacturer, makers should be able to and understand how the web app can be made, what programming language to use, how to structure a program to create web apps to become a great web page as expected.

What is a Web App?

The web app is an application that uses browser technology to run the application and accessible through a computer network (Remick, 2011). While meurut (Rouse, 2011) web application is a program that is stored on the server and sent over the Internet and accessed through a browser interface.

Can be concluded from the above understanding of web app is an application that is accessible using a web browser over the internet or intranet. The web application also is a computer software that is coded in a programming language that supports a web-based software such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java and other programming languages​​. The description of a web application details are as follows:

What is a Web App?

There are two main parts in the web app, the first is the client side and the second is the server side, client side in this case is a PC or mobile device can also be connected to the Internet, the client can access the web application via a web browser such as Internet Explorer, mozilla firefox, google chrome, opera, etc., while the server is a computer with good specs used to store web application, along with a database server that is ready to be accessed by the client, the client requests a web page served server through a Web browser.

Web browser will forward it to the server where the Web Application is located, Computer Server will process the request from the client, when the requested web pages are found then the server computer will send it to the client computer and the requested web pages are displayed on a web browser on the client computer.