22 May 2014

The 'Sign Out' Menu On Twitter Not Visible?

Begins with a question from a friend, "Brother, why the 'Sign Out' on Twitter is not visible? Does not appear in my browser page. "Actually sounds strange, because when I access from my computer, sign out menu was clearly visible. I tried a variety of ways such as dressing with a different browser, view minimize the browser window (even though he said in a state maximize the window), to restart the computer. Still Sign Out menu is not visible. He should be accessing Twitter to get out the old model.

Then I try to tell my friend to send a screenshot of the browser page containing his twitter account via email. And it's true. Avatars are small on the top right corner of the page twitter also not seen, let alone other menus. I see a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom also is fixed to the right. I'm getting confused.

The 'Sign Out' Menu On Twitter Not Visible?

I see more screenshots sent to me. The amount of image resolution is 800x574. Wait a minute! Why so small? Right away I told my friend was to try to increase the screen resolution. And finally can be enlarged up to 1024x768. And voila, there was an avatar on Twitter, complete with menus, including menu Sign Out.

The 'Sign Out' Menu On Twitter Not Visible?

Hahahahaha, it turns out the solution is pretty trivial, but it was unthinkable. One strange thing I get from this problem, why the black menu bar at the Twitter page does not follow the movement of the scrollbar to the right. Supposedly when the scrollbar is shifted to the right and to the left, all elements of the page also shifted. Frankly I just know it.

If you are experiencing similar things, try raising your monitor resolution. Indeed, the average resolution monitor that is used today in over 1000 pixels, but the majority of computer users still feel comfortable using a low resolution, like 800x600 pixels. The reason, the writing on the screen can be read clearly. And it turns out Twitter is not too concerned about it. To get a perfect view of the Twitter page, you must monitor screen resolution above 1000 pixels. Try changing your screen resolution be 800x600, then you will also experience the same thing as my friend.