22 May 2014

How to Disable Animation Start Screen in Windows 8.1

The most recent operating system from Windows introduces a revolutionary display with tile. Windows 8.1 also offers an opening animation on the display the Start Screen. With this animated feature, the Windows 8.1 OS look more casual and relaxed.

Unfortunately, not all users are comfortable with the presence of the animation on the screen of the Start Screen. Although the animation is cosmetically appealing, some claimed that the presence of animation sometimes makes slow computer performance.

Now, you can disable the animations in Windows 8.1 Start Screen. However, before you decide to turn it off, it's good if you want to review all the existing animations first.

How to Disable Animation Start Screen in Windows 8.1

1. To disable the animation on the Start Screen, you have to go to the PC Settings. The easiest way is by using the search bar. Type 'PC Settings' and wait until the exit option.

How to Disable Animation Start Screen in Windows 8.1

2. When the PC Settings is already out of the search bar, click. This option includes all the existing settings on your PC, so do not be surprised if it takes a long time for her launch.

3. There is a menu on the left titled Ease of Access. Click on the menu. If you have entered on the menu before, are now looking for and click Other Options. Look for the section Visual options.

4. There are several other options in this option. In the 'Play animations in Windows' you will see a slider with On indicator. Click on the slider until the indicator shows Off.

Congratulations, you've now disable animations on your PC Start Screen. If you feel like to look back to the Start Screen animated Windows 8.1, you can simply follow the steps above and sliding the slide was back to the On position. Animation will then be re-run as before.