01 June 2014

Often Forget Logout on Facebook? Follow the Way Here!

Almost all computer users always found time to open up while surfing the internet. Often, some of the users forget to log out of his Facebook account potentially used another person.

For that, there is an automatic way that will always make you feel safe when forgot to log out of your personal account. Check out the steps below that quoted by CNET, for your Mozilla Firefox browser users.

1. Install add-on 'Facebook Auto-Logout'. Additional features can be downloaded via the link

2. The add-on will automatically turn on when already installed. From then on, when you close the Facebook page, the add-on will automatically log out of your account.

3. You also can set after how long this automatic log out function will only work. For example, you want to Facebook Auto-Logout doing its job when you're not actively using the Facebook page for 60 seconds. To change the length of time, just click on the Firefox add-on, select settings on Facebook Auto-Logout, then change the number in the bottom.

These simple steps indeed seem trivial, but it is very useful especially for those who love open Facebook from a public computer that used a lot of people. Imagine what would happen if someone uses your account to pass unwanted things.

Often Forget Logout on Facebook? Follow the Way Here!

Often Forget Logout on Facebook? Follow the Way Here!

Are you among those who are forgetful? Especially when opening a Facebook (FB) on your smartphone or on a computer cafe, then you also forgot to log out, when you already go home. The next time you open Facebook suddenly there is a strange status updates using your Facebook account? Well ... That man is not far from negligence. For security reasons and to prevent unwanted things on my friend's Facebook account, especially girls. Follow Tips on How to Logout Facebook in device or computer http://settingcomputers.blogspot.com Other than this, straight to the point.

Setting Through Computer

1. Go to "Settings".
2. Click on "Security", see the section "Your Place in" there will be a description of how your active Facebook sessions or in other words, still not logout. To logout at the session, you click "Edit".
3. Click "Stop Activity". Now you can breathe easily, because there will be no prankster could tinkering Facebook account belong to you anymore.

Setting Through Mobile Smartphone

1. Open http://m.facebook.com, or http://0.facebook.com via your smartphone, then go to "Settings & Privacy".
2. After that click "Security" and then "Active Sessions".
3. Tick on which you want to end the session and then click "Remove Selected".

So first of tips this time, hopefully useful for my friend. Sorry if there is an error, please critique and suggestions via the comments below. Criticism and suggestions from you will be very meaningful for me to promote this blog. Thank you.

Ian Anthony
Internet Enterpreneur