01 June 2014

Facebook Launched Malware Checkpoint for Detecting Malware

On 10 July ago, Facebook launched Malware Checkpoint, a useful feature for detecting malware, malicious programs that can interfere with the performance of a computer or gather personal data for purposes that are not responsible.

Facebook will perform an internal scan to make sure your computer is not infected by malware programs. If the user's computer indicated Malware, Facebook will send a warning message to the user. Our Facebook account temporarily blocked and the user will be directed to a gradual process that aims to improve the computer. We will be given the option to choose a malware scanner that will be used to improve our computer. Users can select products malware scanners from McAfee Scan and Repair or Microsoft Security Essentials.

Facebook safety performance improvement is motivated by his many acts of spamming, hacking and malware programs that harm the user as DNSChanger which had caused a stir because it raises the issue of the virtual world internet apocalypse.

Facebook Launched Malware Checkpoint for Detecting Malware

Facebook Launched Malware Checkpoint for Detecting Malware

When found, these accounts and the owners locked while they are required to go through a recovery process that includes downloading and running a malware scanner called McAfee Scan and Repair.

Features "malware chekpoint" will allow new users who believe that their computer may be infected with malware to perform its own locking procedure and perform an antivirus scan for free.

Users can choose to scan their computers with McAfee Scan and Repair, an anti-malware scanner that is run one time, or with Microsoft Security Essentials, a fully-featured antivirus product but must be downloaded and installed.

"If you are worried that your equipment may have been infected with malware, you can visit http://on.fb.me/infectedMSE or http://on.fb.me/infectedMcA using Microsoft Security Essentials or McAfee Scan and Repair malware checkpoints, "Facebook security team posted on a blog, as reported by PCWorld.com.

Malware checkpoint feature will allow users to be proactive and not wait for Facebook's automated scanners to identify a threat, the security team wrote.

If the user selects the McAfee Scan and Repair checkpoint they will not be able to unlock their account until the malware scan, the process is displayed on the website Facebook, is completed.

However, if the user selects Microsoft Security Essential they must confirm by ticking a box on the website, that they download, install and scan with an antivirus program before their account can be opened again.

Mac OS X users will be given a link to an Apple support page where they can download security updates and malware removal tools released by Apple.

However, they can also separately download the Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition free of AV Marketplace that Facebook launched in April.

"We hope to make our technology available to more users, according to them, will help everyone who uses our services can safeguard their data and equipment remain safe," wrote the Facebook security team.

Ian Anthony
Internet Enterpreneur