01 June 2014

How to Strengthen Your Facebook Account Security

Facebook is one of the social media that has many users all over the world, from the many users of facebook this appears also the people who are not responsible who wants to take over the accounts that you have, the purpose of the facebook account hackers sometimes just for fun or have specific intent to take over your account. To anticipate your account was taken over by the hackers, it is important you understand how to strengthen your facebook account security system.

With through some research, we have found several ways to strengthen security on facebook account. It can be used to avoid the hackers accounts irresponsible. In this article our team will give a tutorial how to strengthen the security of facebook account from hackers in cyberspace.

How to Strengthen Your Facebook Account Security

How to Strengthen Your Facebook Account Security

Good passwords.

Password character is a very important thing in social media security system your facebook account. Please combine your passwords with a format like this: "lift + letters + space + symbol you want". For passwords with characters "lift + letter + symbol" may often be found, but the addition of space at the end of the account password system further strengthens the security of your Facebook account. Character Spacing on the facebook account password can be used to avoid keyboard activity reader application installed on a laptop or PC you use.

Security Settings on a Facebook account.

Facebook social media itself provides facilities for setting the security system on its own account. To set the security settings for this please click the settings icon located top right corner, then select Account Settings menu, then on the left sidebar please select Security. see the picture below.

In setting up the account security settings, you will be faced with multiple select menu for securing your facebook account.

1. Notifications Log: This entry in the notification settings, the facebook able to tell you if your account is accessed from a computer or mobile device that have not previously used. For the choice of the facebook notification method that has been providing the second email notification or notification by SMS, please choose which one you want.

2. Approval Login to Facebook: you should also be able to activate the menu Approval Log into Facebook, Facebook Login Approvals to aim to enter a security code to access my account from a browser that is not recognized.

In addition to the security settings on a facebook account, you should also know the things you should consider in your facebook account security itself.

1. Based on the recommendation of the facebook, the facebook account for wear explore a secure connection (https). example: not always with https://www.facebook.com.
2. You have to be careful in opening accounts of social media in the cafe-cafe, or at a cafe that provides wifi, it's good to enter the username and password of your account using the facility of the Windows operating system your on-screen keyboard. When typing your login username and password using the on-screen keyboard, will automatically be unreadable on the keyboard tracking applications are often installed in the cafe.

When creating your social media account passwords try different passwords you use with your email account password defaul. Because if your social media accounts hacked can automatically email you can also be taken over.

Ian Anthony
Internet Enterpreneur