10 July 2014

4 Ways To Improve Performance Computer RAM

Play the game often does not lag or maximum computer performance? Maybe your problem is at the excessive use of RAM as the RAM does not provide maximum performance. RAM itself is a vital component in running a program on a computer. Here are 4 ways to improve the performance of computer RAM:

4 Ways To Improve Performance Computer RAM

Use ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost itself is a feature that you can meet on the flash. By using ReadyBoost you will get 256MB of storage, access time of 1 ms, reading speed of 2.5MB/s and write speed of 1.75mb/s. But remember the ReadyBoost feature should use the flash that has been marked with ReadyBoost, because even if you use any flash will not work and will flash damaged.

Use Task Manager and Resource Monitor

The easiest way is through the Task Manager and start regulating what programs should not be running. You can see the programs that are running and how much capacity they use. You can turn off the RAM usage of the programs you use.

Remove Applications are Rarely Used

Rather than just meets the HDD capacity and neither did you use, the application should be removed just because sometimes there are some applications that are running behind the screen and use the RAM, although a small but quite annoying.


Technically, this is most easily done and you can instantly feel the effect after adding new RAM. But need to be considered in its use because every motherboard has a different RAM slot slot dependent form, and also the capacity of RAM supported by the motherboard is capable of.

Quoted from MakeUseOf, 4 ways to improve the performance of the computer's RAM can do without the software though. For you who want to try can be directly on your computer, except that ReadyBoost flash having to buy them first unless you have it.