09 July 2014

How to Fix Memory Card Broken - Corrupted - Unreadable

SD card or commonly referred to as an external memory device is one of the most needed at this time. In spite of a gadget that has a large internal memory, users still need an external memory to store data.

Maybe you have experienced memory problems are not readable (damage), with illegible memory will certainly make it difficult to move existing data in the memory. To overcome these problems, we have 4 ways you can do to repair the damage to the memory.

How to Fix Memory Card Broken - Corrupted - Unreadable

Method 1

  1. Remove the memory card from the gadget. Make sure you've shut off prior Gadgets
  2. Clean the copper plate (golden yellow) with a pencil eraser (the white color). Rub gently to clean
  3. If you are sure the memory is clean, insert the memory card into the slot and then check whether the memory has been read or not.

How to Fix Memory Card Broken - Corrupted - Unreadable

Method 2

  1. Go to the menu "Settings> Storage"
  2. In the menu, there are options Erase SD card. By removing the SD card, can make a memory clean like new 

Method 3

  1. Connect your Android device to your laptop, or a PC with a data cable.
  2. Make sure you're connected Android in "Mass storage mode (MSC)", not the "Media transfer mode (MTP)"
  3. Open Windows Explorer, right click on the memory card drive, select Properties> Tools> Error Checking, wait until all processing is complete.
  4. Eject the memory card, then check whether it has been read or not

Method 4

  1. If the memory card is readable and looks fine on the computer but still not readable on Android. Try using this method:
  2. Create a new folder on the hard disk, give any name as long as you remember that this new folder will be a backup storage area while the contents of the memory card aka the most degraded
  3. Copy the entire contents of the memory card and then Paste it into the folder you created earlier
  4. If you are sure be copied all, format the memory card
  5. Then return all the data in the folder to the memory already in the earlier format
  6. Now check again, still fail or not.
If that fails too, try to repeat the steps.