09 July 2014

9 Common Printer Problems

Any printer brand is certainly sometimes have problems ranging from can not print until the results are not in accordance with what we want. If you have never encountered a problem on your printer, you can add insight while knowing 9 common printer problems.

9 Common Printer Problems

  1. Missing Error for drivers, this is a problem that occurs in the printer software on your computer. This problem can lead to can not print or even for some settings can not print at all. The solution is to update the driver or download the latest printer driver on the official website of each brand of printer you use.
  2. The infusion system is not running smoothly which usually occurs in inkjet printers because they want to save. But if the ink has good quality then it will not be a problem where the system will jam infusion.
  3. The paper size is less appropriate for some types of printers which can not automatically detect the paper size being used so you have to set the paper size before printing. Because if the paper size does not fit then the result would not be appropriate.
  4. This printer ink frozen rather difficult to detect because of the printer itself is no problem whatsoever, but when the result is usually a paper print out blank. The solution you can replace with a new cartridge or if it is being pushed to the frozen ink cartridge put into hot water until no visible ink out of the cartridge.
  5. Paper Jam, a term used when a paper jam or a sudden stop when printing. This is usually due to the placement of paper that does not fit, so bent or torn. The solution could be to open up the back of the printer roll, and pull out the pieces of paper as well.
  6. 9 Common Printer Problems
  7. Commonly encountered Connection lost when the printer is running the printing process. The solution is to check the connecting cable between the printer and the computer or set back the settings in the Control Panel.
  8. Faded Print is prints result somewhat vague because the ink is running out. The solution is the content of the ink cartridges or buy the latest.
  9. Ghosting is a moment where the result of printing shaded. The solution is to replace the cartridge or check the power supply.
  10. Ink Smear visible when you find the results you're printing a lot of ink and laser printers usually occurs where there is ink spilled in the printer.

So for you who find these issues do not immediately taken to a printer service because you also could be a mechanic and fix your own printer.