09 July 2014

How to Fix Damaged Bad Sectors Hard Drive

Hard drive is a very important hardware in a computer. Devices that hold all the information such as the operating system and other important files. Each hardware must sometimes be damaged. Damage to the hard drive is usually the most common is the hard drive for bad sectors. Bad sectors are a part of the surface of the hard drive that contains data that failed to be read by machine (not legible). This can result in the data in our hard drives, which means the files can be corrupted just disappear.

Not only that, having a bad hard drive boot sectors can fail, which means can not enter one of the windows and the only way is to format it. Of course, do not want it to happen right? hard drive for bad sectors it must be repaired immediately.

Hard disk bad sector is a condition in which there is a part of the hard drive can not be used by the system because of a malfunction or operating system failure in the access. Damage to the hard drive is extremely detrimental, because it can lead to computer performance becomes very slow.

There are two types of hard disk bad sectors, namely 'Hard bad sectors' and 'Soft bad sectors'. Hard bad sectors can not be repaired because there is damage to the physical shape of the hard drive, the hard bad sector is usually caused by a 'head crash', a condition in which the head on the hard drive platter that comes in contact to cause permanent damage to the hard drive. Unlike the Hard bad sectors, we can fix soft bad sectors using the default software of windows, the 'chkdsk'. Here's how to repair bad sectors hard drive using the 'chkdsk'.

How to Fix Damaged Bad Sectors Hard Drive

Repair Bad Sectors Hard Drive with "chkdsk"

1. Open Windows Explorer (press Windows + E on the keyboard).
2. Right-click on the disk will be checked and select Properties
3. Go to the 'Tools' tab and then on the error checking select 'Check now'.

How to Fix Damaged Bad Sectors Hard Drive

4. Tick ​​both options and select 'Start'
5. After that your computer will restart.

The process of checking the damage this could take quite a long time, therefore, it is highly recommended you use this feature when the machine is not being used.

How to prevent bad sectors on the hard disk

Here are some tips to prevent hard drive for bad sectors,

  1. Make sure the temperature of your computer stays cool and clean the dust from sticking
  2. Turn off the computer with the correct
  3. Use quality PSU to keep the currents of unwanted electric current.
  4. Avoid shocks on a computer or laptop to prevent head crashes
  5. Use antivirus always updates to protect your computer from malware attacks
  6. Use the disk defragmenter software to prevent the occurrence of bad sectors

if you want to repair your errors on the file system check "check Automatically fix file system errors"
To locate or recover BadSector please check also the "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" then click start.

If you have questions select "yes", and your computer will restart automatically to run Scandisk on your hard drive.

Well not so easy to fix your hard drive? This proved to be an efficient way to correct any errors on the hard disk. This method can only be done if the computer or laptop you can boot it, when the computer can not boot you have to remove the hard drive on the computer and set it up to another computer in because errors may occur on a computer first.