Barbie Super Model - Games Barbie in the Modeling World

Who does not know about Barbie, any cartoon fans, especially women's game must be familiar with Barbie's figure. With growing anime community about this Barbie figure, then made a lot of media entertainment ranging from toys, movies, costumes, up to a game that carries a lot of character Barbie. One of the free Barbie games are quite interesting and worth a try is Barbie Super Model.

Barbie Super Model - Games Barbie in the Modeling World

In this game, you will play as Barbie is trying to carve his name in the modeling world of Hollywood and became one of the top class models. You have to work as closely as possible to achieve these goals, and to achieve that goal does not escape from the various obstacles that will hinder your efforts as a model of Barbie. All you do is help to be able to perform well on the catwalk of Hollywood, put on make-up is suitable for skin, hair makeup, and pick out a suitable outfit and matching, you can use all the facilities provided inside the wardrobe.

One thing that is not less important in addition to makeup to appear on the catwalk, which you have to maintain the health and fitness through exercise Barbie. Games Barbie Super Model is indeed like games other lifestyle management. Most importantly how you can play the role as Barbie models as well as possible. To become a super model, you need to train him how to run good on the catwalk. Do it right, and maybe the Barbie will be a super model big in Hollywood.

Barbie free game is divided into four parts, each ending with a fashion show in front of thousands of people. All of these parts consists of a series of activities, ranging from magazine photo shoots, training runs on the catwalk, to the magnificent fashion show. This game is not just game management course, to treat Arcade presented before you become a super model, making this game to be special. Barbie arcade mission in this game is you have to travel to Hollywood, started walking across the mountains of ice, skating on the beach, through the park and use the bike. In all, this mission you have to collect as many stars as possible, and try to get a makeup bag and a photo camera with avoiding obstacles that will block your way.

In this game, besides the main game you will be presented with Barbie minigames which consists of independent photography and photo shoot for the magazine models, both played in the same way. First you will see a picture of Barbie for a few seconds. Then you have to make Barbie The picture looks the same as requested, is easy enough, just use your memory to remember. To do so, the Ctrl, Alt, or Shift, will help you to change the color, and cursor keys will help you change clothes or make up. When you are satisfied with the look of Si Barbie that you make, you can just press Enter to display the photograph Si Barbie. If you are able to do it right, then you will get the big points.

In addition, the music foreshadowed this game is quite interesting, and fits perfectly with the flow of the game is presented. This Barbie game is a game that is simple yet attractive and worth a try, not only for women, but anyone can play the game because of the pattern of structured and consists of minigames that will add a variation of this Barbie game. Unfortunately, because of the pattern of the game is short (four types of game) makes this game will easily traversed, maybe this will make you feel a little bored and less challenging. But this game deserves to be played as a four game variations in Barbie Super Model will pamper you with an attractive appearance Barbie models. 

To play this Barbie game, you can download it for free here, install in your PC and enjoy the thrill of being a Super Model Barbie in Hollywood.
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