22 September 2014

3 Options Bluetooth Keyboard for Your Android Tablet

With tablets becoming a great desire today, the Bluetooth keyboard is also becoming increasingly popular. Not because of the on-screen keyboard is bad. But it has a physical keyboard add familiarity level, and you do not need to try and balance your tablet on your lap or something else.

By adding a wireless keyboard for your Android tablet, you can change it from a board that takes a lot of content into a much more versatile machine. With the help of a keyboard for Android, you can use Android tablets for all your computing needs both for work and personal use, and when you are away from the office though. This keyboard allows you to type with style desktop as needed, you can still use the tablet as a lightweight touch device.

Android tablet which has many shortcomings, such as tablets are available in a variety of sizes and formats. Meanwhile, keyboard manufacturers tend not to create a comfortable keyboard combination and even keyboards available for the iPad. But it is still the best option available some Bluetooth keyboards for Android out there.

Here we present three full-sized keyboard that is compatible and worth considering to accompany your Android tablet. 

3 Options Bluetooth Keyboard for Your Android Tablet

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+

Bluetooth Keyboard for Android 3.0 tablets from Logitech is specifically targeted at the Android crowd and it works very well. It's easy to do the pairing, using a button located on the back of the keyboard and once in the pair will this device will remember. And of course the most important is the keyboard itself. Typing on the keyboard is very comfortable and works without a hitch. In general, the buttons on the keyboard is very comfortable to wear. Although it feels a bit shallow, but here you still can type almost as fast on a computer keyboard. To be sure, this keyboard will help you type faster and more accurate when compared with the virtual keyboard. It can be used in tablets, Logitech keyboard can also be paired with an Android smartphone.

The only problem with the Logitech keyboard for Android is the Android function keys. Logitech was wise enough to include the search, home, menu, and back. But the purpose of the function itself is less clear. For sources of energy, the Logitech Tablet Keyboard uses 4 AAA batteries which are already included in the package. When first-time use, living just dance 2 plastic barrier between the battery with the connector without the need to make the battery and the keyboard is ready for use.

Motorola Wireless Keyboard

Bluetooth keyboard of this Motorola is one of the best options for Android tablet owners. This keyboard stand out of the package with its sleek design, the text used in the button too futuristic. With its wide, resulting also in the size and distribution of the buttons. Units of Motorola's keyboard is slightly wider than the other keyboards, just over half an inch long and half an inch higher than the Logitech products. The difference may not be great, but it could have an impact for those who are worried about portability.
Overall this button on the keyboard responsive and easy to type. Along the upper side of the surface of the keyboard, there is a bulge to lift the keyboard to be at a certain tilt when placed on the table. Performance Motorola's keyboard is the most good for the moment.

Targus Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for Tablets

Targus Bluetooth Wireless keyboard belongs is the smallest and lightest full-sized keyboard on the other. Although considered a tablet keyboard, the Targus device is not made specifically for Android and consequently does not offer a specific function keys for Android. The Targus keyboard layout also has one other problem is that the Backspace key is in the wrong place. Your brain may be trained to press a button on the far right line, because that's where every keyboard put the delete command. Targus keyboard, for some reason, the Delete key is in that place, and when connected to an Android tablet, this button does not really work. Backspace button is oddly placed on the right of the top row, in addition to the function keys.

In general, the keyboard is quite responsive, although somewhat grab than Logitech or Motorola. In testing the fit is very good and only a few letters missing during typing quickly.