22 September 2014

Color Touch Effects - Photo Effects Application for Making Color Splash Direct from Your Android Device

Make your photos into unique and different is a very pleasant thing. Nowadays there are so many tips, ways, and also provides a wide range of applications the ability to process images through a variety of devices. Applying Android smartphone is a device that was becoming a trend because it has many interesting applications option. One technique is to process images Color Splash photography. Color Splash is a basic image processing techniques that are present in the era of toy cameras and Lomografi experiencing peak of its popularity. The technique is to use some features photography by leaving some areas or colored objects and other areas being looked black and white only. Most of the processing is usually done through a program such as Adobe Photoshop or Color Splash Studio which can be found on the Mac. 

Color Touch Effects - Photo Effects Application for Making Color Splash Direct from Your Android Device

This is exactly what you can now use directly through the Android device. Developer application called Swiss Codemonkeys has made photo effects app with the ability to create the Color Splash photos easily and quickly. Color Touch Effects is the name of the application. It has many features effects and filters. In it you will find around 18 photo filters such as Lomo, Cross-Process and other. This photo effects app allows you to add color effects to your photos. In addition, the Color Touch Effects can be used for object slingshot directly through this app. Meanwhile, there are different variants of effects that can be used as Sephia, Mono, Color Balance, and other Negative. Make photos using Color Splash technique is one of the advantages of this application. Once entered into the application you will be given the option to transfer photos from your Android device, slingshot objects through the application, or use a photo collection in the social networking accounts.

Color Touch Effects - Photo Effects Application for Making Color Splash Direct from Your Android Device

After transferring the photos to the application, Color Touch Effects will make it appear in black and white. Then this app will allow you to make the process of coloring the photo. Choose the 'Move' to be able to manually adjust the image processing portion. In the 'Size' you can color the parts of the photo and then use a brush or a virtual brush in order to start the process of coloring. Before you can select the size of the brush and the color density level to be used. All this you can do on the features 'Paint' which can be selected at the top left of the display application. Then chose black and white objects and then start the coloring process. Splash Color Technique is not the only technique that can be utilized in this photo effects app.

In addition to the ability to add interesting photo effects, Color Touch Effects can also insert a variety of interesting text. It becomes an interesting option that you should try. When entering text into the photo, you can set the margins and modify text. This application does not provide a free option for text placement. You can only put text on the top or bottom of the photo alone. Meanwhile, if you want other creative things appear on processing photos using this app, you can do a fusion of a variety of effects in it in order to get a unique impression on the photo. But basically app Color Touch Effects allows you to do a re-coloring the images or photos as well as add a wide selection of interesting effects. You can select a photo and then change it to black & white or sepia order. After that, use your fingers via touch screen Android device to perform the coloring process.

If you view the Color Touch Effects of ability which has its own segmentation technique with the presence Color Splash photos in it, of course, this application can be an interesting option. It is not too much choice or filter effects that can be used in it. In addition, the Color Touch Effects did not present a cropping feature, then you can just cut the photo through another application. Meanwhile, Switzerland Codemonkeys as developers provide easy to use touch for those who are interested to try it. It's just that if you press the 'Back' then you will leave this application as a whole, and must restart from the beginning when it went back. To display its own application interfaces, the developers have designed it with a simple and easy to understand when you first use it.

Color Touch Effects on the page in the Google Play Store, this application has been installed recorded approximately 50,000,000 times and get excellent reviews from its users. These applications get around 3.9 star rating and is available for Android 2.1 devices applying upward. Interested make Color Splash photo effects easily and quickly using this application? Switzerland Codemonkeys gives you easy access to the application size is 413 MB and can be downloaded for free through Google Play.