Cheeseman - A Simple Game That Has an Interesting Challenge for iPhone and Android

Some people prefer to play games on the sidelines of the density of activity, it is considered legitimate to simply refresh the brain that continues to be used in the work. Usually the selected game is a game that is easily played without the hard work of the brain. For some people they are supposed to work as a way of resting the brain's performance or to simply restore the mood in the works. No wonder there are many games that are designed quite simple, although not intended for children, because some of these types of games are usually made ​​specifically for children.

Cheeseman - A Simple Game That Has an Interesting Challenge for iPhone and Android

For iPhone users, there are a lot of simple games that you can get on the App Store. One of the games that this time is recommended Cheeseman, a game that seems very suitable for you who want to take a break from the busy life you are living. Cheeseman is a 2D game, where here you appear as a small piece of cheese called "Cheeseman" ??. In this game you have to try hard to save the Cheese Land from the evil Professor Mousky who want to control all the existing Land Cheese.

Cheeseman - A Simple Game That Has an Interesting Challenge for iPhone and Android

There are about 43 levels and 3 world will you play, from the category of the game is very easy to the most difficult. Control in running this game was fairly easy, you just need to move to the left or to the right, jump, double jump and jump to the wall. There is no other action that needs to be done in addition to some of the action. Quite simple is not it? However, this game remains interesting.

To complete each level, you just need to take action to lope. It looks easy, but in fact there are several levels that allow you dropped many times and died. However, you do not need to worry, because in this game there is no set time and lives are limited, so make you can continue the game with no rush.

In this game does not run as smoothly as one might imagine, because there are still challenges to be faced at each level. You will find spikes, saws, cannon balls and other challenges that whenever possible you should skip and avoid. At the end of each world, you will encounter a boss that will make your cheesy skin peel if you are not careful, so you ought to be wary and a little more thoroughly.
Every update the game, it will come in a new world with new characters that comes with cheese very much. Some of the features in this game include:
• Control the game very easy to learn.
• Simply use 3 buttons, 2 buttons for the directions and one button for jump.
• Ability and reflex option to revive the SNES boy or girl that is in you.
• Transformations Cheeseman.
• The choice of some of the desired character.
• The boss is funny.
• Equipped with a cool retro sound track by Bubblegum Octopus.
• Update regularly. 

This game not only can you play on the iPhone alone, for you who use Android devices can also enjoy and run the game. If you want to play it on the iPhone, you can download here for free Cheeseman.

As for you Android users, you can get this game here for free.
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