22 September 2014

Download Arcade Game From Spacetime Studios is For Free for Android Devices

Spacetime Studios is a game developer based in Austin, Texas, who started his career as a game developer for PC. Developer was originally known for its production games like Wing Commander, Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online. After the financial success with the development of tools and technologies called Spacetime Engine, they were expanding the platform and try their luck by releasing games for mobile devices such as iOS and Android. As of today there are about three games arcade genre that can be found on Google Play Store. Pocket Legends (3D MMO), Star Legends (3D MMO), and Dark Legends are games that you can download for free. Curious? Here's the full review.

Download Arcade Game From Spacetime Studios Free for Android Devices

Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends is a three-dimensional game Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) that you can play online through the Android device. You will join millions of other players of this game from all over the world. In it you will experience the adventure and play in different places sometimes stressful. Pocket Legends has a design that is almost similar to other MMO games like Diablo II, the pattern of the game. Each game level will be selected based on the game menu or option based on other players when creating a player character. Each mission will be run by one to five players simultaneously. In this game you can choose a variety of interesting characters. You can fight the enemy as an Ursan warrior, launch arrows from a great distance as an arrow shooter from Avian troops, or soldiers magnitude of mystical Elven creatures. Additionally, you can choose and develop your favorite abilities to fight.

Download Arcade Game From Spacetime Studios is For Free for Android Devices

Spacetime Studios provides Pocket Legends so you can play freely. In the sense that you can play, improve, expand the content, and get the maximum experience at no charge at all. However, you can pay level offers game "Platinum" which offers the ability to be able to do to save the game, getting objects unique support, as well as other equipment. Pocket Legends Game is able to support all the virtual connections such as Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G from a variety of Android devices. Meanwhile, you can connect with other players in the same game and play it on the same server as well. There are a lot of players from around 200 countries who have played Pocket Legends this. Are you interested in being a part of them all? Download arcade game for free here.

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Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicle 

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicle is an arcade game made ​​by Spacetime Studios second after Pocket Legends. Still based MMO game, Star Legends tell of war and destruction among the inhabitants of the galaxy of stars that occur in the human century Told 41. future be part of the United Colonies Defense Force and their allies know that the enemy robot in the form of an alien has been turned on returned by a character named Scorn. Then the rumors circulating among the Angora colonies that UCS Blackstar have discovered traces of aliens that are in the vicinity of the colony. See the opportunity and time available, a small portion of the human and the robot started work to uncover their destiny among the stars with the hope of prolonging their lives in a way against the aliens. You will join millions of other players from all over the world to play this adventure game the future. In it you will undergo a lot of action like hijack a spaceship, solve mysteries and other games. In the game Star Legends you will play the character of a commander that comes with a lot of big guns. The developer of this game gives you the opportunity to play freely Legends booth. You can upgrade, add the game content, to maximize the experience and strength to subdue opponents without the slightest charge. Just like Pocket Legends, the game offers use "Platinum" which will provide additional features other games. Want to be part of the fight between the galaxy's star? Download Star Legends is an arcade game for free here

Video Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles

Dark Legends: The Vampire Nation Rises

Unlike the two previous games were played new fictional character, Dark Legends in this game you will play the adventure of the dark world of the vampire. Dark Legends: The Vampire Nation Rises is the latest game developed by Spacetime Studios. You will play as a vampire character with speed capabilities, have sharp fangs, and is equipped with hundreds of weapons to immobilize the demons, werewolves, and Warlocks. Still included in the list of arcade game set in the adventure with 3D capabilities, as vampire character you will be doing a lot of chase scenes with the human hunters. You are the last defense and will take over the mission that the vampire can dominate and destroy the enemy. You can play online with millions of other vampire characters. Use your power to unlock a variety of additional features and power of the new vampire in order to paralyze enemies. Spacetime Studios allows you to play this game for free. In a sense you are not obligated to pay a lot of things in this game. Dark Legends can be played through a variety of virtual networks such as Wi-Fi, Edge, 3G, or 4G. Interested in playing Dark Legends? Download this free arcade games is here.

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Arcade games released Spacetime Studios does have its own advantages. By carrying out the pattern of MMO games and features three-dimensional capabilities are qualified, no doubt this game has had a lot of fan base and spread throughout the world. In fact, for this last game: Dark Legends: The Vampire Nation Rises, Spacetime Studios was awarded as the Best of the Game Developers Conference 2012 from MMORPG.com. However, because almost every game contains scenes of violence, these games can only be played for players aged 18 years and over.