Making Greeting Cards with Text Application in Android

You never send a greeting card? Before the era of mobile communications systems dominate, correspondence and send each other greeting cards became a way of communicating that sufficient priority, especially for long-distance communication. The high cost of the phone and the unavailability of telephone networks in certain areas to make way correspondence and greeting cards became the most important thing.

Entering the digital world and has penetrated the telecommunications area wherever makes a habit of correspondence were displaced. Someone did not take long to send a letter or a Holiday greeting cards, for example, because almost everyone has a cell phone or mobile phone. It also causes all forms of speech can be delivered with a practical and fast via SMS, MMS, and phone.

Making Greeting Cards with Text Application in Android

If the speech in text messages only in text form only, another case with MMS. MMS allows us to send not only text, but also images, sound, video, and so forth. However, the rate charged for sending an MMS is much more expensive than the cost of sending an SMS. If one-time SMS you only pay 1-3 cent, MMS may range from 10 cent depending on the cost of a set of mobile operators.

Making Greeting Cards with Text Application in Android

Technology seems to never be static. The presence of smart phones these days once again brings us to the world of versatile and practical. Delivery of greeting cards such as MMS no longer need to be sent with the cost of expensive, because now there is an application of text that can do that, only with a capital of internet network.

Is TextGram, an application of text that can be made and customizable as desired users. This application is an application made ​​by the new Codeadore updated on June 1, 2012 last. This application received rave reviews from users for classified applications are free and easy to use, even in the offline or without internet connection.

Applications that since the release has reached twelve thousand downloaders has features that are quite complete when classified with a free application. Read his name, TextGram, some surely remember most popular photo editor application, Instagram. Although different developers, application TextGram bit much to have and how to use the functions that are similar to Instagram.

Once you download it for free here and install it on your Android device, you've instantly can feel how cute greeting card you want to send. You can start by typing the greeting you want to create. Begin by adjusting the location of the writing, margins, and so on. After that, just click next to embellish greeting cards that you want.

Features contained in this text applications include templates diverse backgrounds who become your greeting sentence. Choose who you like and edit the other. After selecting the background, you can also edit the font type of greeting you. Also the font size, color, and other decoration. You can put a sticker that can add beauty and uniqueness of your greeting card. The stickers can be shaped emotions, graphics, or icons that funny can you move as you want. Just simply press and shift the funny pictures, stickers you will move to the place you want.

When you are finished providing decoration and different shades on your greeting card, then the next step is to click the next button. Application of this text will give you a choice, whether you will simply keep it or you will share it. If you intend to store it in your Android directory, then click save it. But if you want to directly send it to a friend, friend, lover, family, or co-workers, then click share. You can divide these cards through various social networking sites or also the application Instagram.

This application can be used anyone at least Android 2.1 Android owners. Just download at Google Play kiosk applications, install and start the run. How about it, interesting is not it? No need to bother and cost you a fortune to send a greeting card draw. You just make and create your greeting card to anyone and in any order with the application of this text.
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