22 September 2014

Fast Burst Camera - Get 30 Photos Per Second Using the Android's camera app

Burst mode or also often referred to as continuous high speed a way to take pictures with the camera. This way will be possibly a photographer to get a lot of photo images taken in the pressure of the shutter release button only. Burst is usually used for objects moving photos and active like taking pictures when sport match. The photographer will usually get a series of photo images that would describe a transition motion. Unfortunately, not many people can do this. Because not all cameras have that mode. Moreover, not everyone has a camera with specifications and quality are qualified. But, almost all have a mobile device, is not it? There are many users of Android devices that are spread all over the world. With a variety of applications given many developers, you can do a lot of things in it, even get to do photography burst.

Fast Burst Camera - Get 30 Photos Per Second Using the Android's camera app

Fast Burst Camera is an Android camera application that was developed by Spritefish. Fast Burst Camera using you will get a lot of photos of a moving object. This application is able to take about 30 photos per second. If you are using an Android device conforming to the high-end, the 30 photos per second is an ability that you can maximize this through the camera application. However, if you are using an Android device with specs that are less qualified, Fast Burst Camera only can help you get around 5 to 10 photos per second. The ability of these applications will certainly benefit you who do not have a photographic devices such as digital SLR cameras or compact cameras are capable of providing burst mode ability.

Fast Burst Camera - Get 30 Photos Per Second Using the Android's camera app

Mobile devices that can support the maximum burst mode capability is a true Android device conforming to the high-end. Not only has the hardware supported by quad-core processor, large screen size, and others are able to make photos look different. Devices like HTC X is actually capable of removing the ability of the camera which can be snapped about 99 photos with good speed. In addition, the latest Samsung Galaxy SIII also has the ability to take about 20 pictures using the burst mode feature in it. But, if your device is not included in the list of high-end Android device, the Android camera app from Spritefis may be the last option to compete with other device capabilities.

Then how to use Fast Burst Camera is? Once you download and install it on the Android device, you can simply go into the application. In the Fast Burst Camera app has been available shutter release button. To get a burst of photos that much, hold the shutter button or the photos in a few seconds. Previously, you can determine in advance where or what moves the object to be immortalized in the form of digital photos. But, if you want to take a photo, you can once stomping finger on the photo button. With this ability, Fast Burst Camera is perfect for taking pictures when sports activities, activities of children or animals, party, take pictures burst during critical situations and sudden, and others.

There are some tips that you can use and learn before using this application. Basically there is a photo because thanks to the help of light. The more light that enter, the more chances photographic images do not be blurred. Therefore, a moving object to be photographed should be in a room that has enough light. In addition, in order to get transitions and sharp image quality, try to always hold the device with both your Android and avoid a lot of shock. While in the affairs of a burst of photos, you do not need to think too much technique. Because the moving object you can lose a certain moment. Therefore, simply press and hold the shutter button and choose the best photo afterwards.

Spritefish as Android camera application developer has to provide two versions of an application that you can download. Fast Burst Camera In the paid version you will find other additional features. Inside this version you will get support for the use of flash, focus, zoom, and shutter release sound that can be disabled. The ability of these extra features will certainly benefit you. That's because Fast Burst Camera allows you to use the ability of burst photos at night or in a room that lacks light source. While the free version, features such as flash, focus, and zoom can not function. So, you will only get good quality photos while in the room that has enough light intake.

Interested create dozens or even hundreds of photos using this application burst? You can download Fast Burst Camera paid version for $ 3.40 in the Google Play Store via the download link below:
Fast Burst Camera Pro (paid)
Fast Burst Camera Lite (free)

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