23 September 2014

Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Warner Bros. Games Action Adventure in a Lego in Cross-Platform

If you do not want a game that is too serious, but still want adventure, Lego Marvel Super Heroes be a logical choice. Do not assume that Marvel game boring, because at this time the series adaptation was made quite different and certainly with the presentation of exciting gameplay.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes, becoming one of the cross-platform game that is quite popular in the market. This game was designed by developer TT Games are known for the successful release of his best games like Lego The Lord of the Rings, Lego City Undercover Transformers: The Game and many others. While affairs publications TT Games is still working with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and the support of.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Warner Bros. Games Action Adventure in a Lego in Cross-Platform

Lego Marvel Super Heroes was first released on October 22, 2013 and continuing until the last turns on November 29, 2013 No half-hearted, video games present at least for 9 platforms, including Microsoft Windows is to the PC, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, and of course for the Next gen consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You have the flexibility to play this game on your platform according to the distribution media. Officially TT Games also confirmed that Lego Marvel Super Hero genre Action Adventure presented in pristine. You can play in Single Player and Multiplayer modes.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Warner Bros. Games Action Adventure in a Lego in Cross-Platform

Plot Story

The game begins when the Silver Surfer who was given the task of carrying objects pursued secret enemies. After he was knocked out of the sky driven by Doctor Doom with a surfboard which eventually broke into pieces. Objects called 'Cosmic Bricks' which he brought eventually fall to Earth. Bricks Cosmic quite stressful because it has great power and dangerous if held by the bad guys. After the SIlver Surfer is able to attack and managed to get a piece of the Cosmic Bricks, Doctor Doom back the ambition to create a deadly weapon which he named Ray of Doom Doom. With this great threat from the enemy, a man named Nick Fury started to take action to fight back. He went to ask for help to all the Marvel superheroes to overcome the threat of Dr. Doom.

As a result, Nick Furry demand responded positively, and this time there was The Avengers, and other superhero groups such as the X-Men and the Fantastic Four who joined in this great war. But you can not underestimate the enemy, because Doctor Doom also sought the help of a lot of super villain character. The adventure begins and you must immediately stop the mad ambition of Doctor Doom with a super hero character who still has their moves.


In Lego Marvel Super Heroes gameplay still follows the style of gameplay from past titles Lego series. Here, you as the player will be able to control as many as 150 characters Marvel Universe. Obviously, although there are 150 characters, each one continues to be supported with different unique abilities. For example, there is the character of Spider-Man with his trademark swinging on webs and use spider webs. Another example is the Hulk, which was bigger and able to throw large objects. There is also the character of the Human Torch can fly freely into the sky, the Hawkeye has a good skill in driving a car, or it could be the Iron Man can fly elegant. In addition, of course there are many other characters that have the best skills. What is certain is at the core of the game remains almost the same as its predecessor, namely the struggle to complete each puzzle and move to the next areas.

In terms of battle or fight, do not expect any great battles and heavy as the other Marvel series or class Marve vs Capcom fighting games. You still only get to enjoy the fight went pretty simple. The controller is done with only two main keys to the execution. Other facilities that exist in this game is no game over the system so you do not need to panic if the characters defeat.


Fashion classic dynamic split screen may mostly exist in the old games, but the Lego Marvel Super Heroes this time the mode is maintained. TT Games also offered flexibility, ie, with open-world games that are now integrated in the main missions. Enjoy the free movement skies with a character that is able to fly. However, in terms of the graphics do not have the graphics quality difference is so striking in comparison with other Lego series. But this time TT Games brings additional graphic options settings in the options menu, except for the PhysX settings. In conclusion, this game presented visualization is better, hundreds of characters makes gamers do not feel bored, plus a fascinating game world design and wide.

Media Distribution and Price

Each media distribution platforms each can you buy on the site authorized distributor or retail. For the price of just generally between $ 49.99 at Gamestop. For those of you who have a PS 3 gadgets you can download here, for the Xbox 360 please download here and Nintendo Wii-U you can download here.