27 September 2014

BBM Application on your Android Running Slow?

Who does not know this one app Chat? It seems almost everyone uses BBM because this application is effective to be used as a means of communication as well as a very practical use. There are also apps BBM on Android, iOS and Windows Phone so they no longer have to use your BlackBerry device to sense this application.

At the beginning, the BBM in the Android app instantly downloaded millions of users. These applications also often get Updates occur every problem and after numerous complaints were submitted its users. Now whether the application of BBM in your own Android often have Slow or difficult to access? It seems like it runs less than optimal due to its RAM usage is quite wasteful or RAM capacity on your device is very minimal. For that you should do a few tricks below to BBM apps on Android are always running smoothly.

BBM Application on your Android Running Slow

BBM Application on your Android Running Slow? Try this method


To maximize the use of BBM on Android and minimize RAM consumption, you are required to have an Android device that has had root access. You can find additional information about Root because every smartphone has a different way. Another solution, you can use the app Root or Root Master Framaroot available on Google Play Store.


Well if you have Android smartphones have root access, the next step is to download the application Disable Service which can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. Little information Disable Service application supports Android 2.2 Froyo and has a size of only 588 KB only. Once the download is complete, you proceed to the next step open the Disable Service application and if there is a command in the Superuser Request screen, you are required to click the Grant which means you give the application access to get into the system of your device. For users of Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above, you are required to click on USB debugging mode is usually found in the Developer Options, in the Settings menu.


Once you have root access smartphone and allow applications to run Disable Service, then you can perform the optimization step in a way to open the application Disable Service. When you open this app, you will find a list of what applications are running on your smartphone such as the Push Service, Upload Service, Pull Ads Service as well as a variety of third-party applications. You can select an application and BBM Service BBM Service Account with check it and should you have to be careful so that no other applications ticking.

Then after you have selected the application of BBM that appears on the screen, you can exit from the application and continue with rebooting your Android device. So easy right? Now you too can re-open the BBM app on Android and feel it is so lightweight applications running on your device.

In addition to the above trick, it is suggested you should delete the Cache Settings nesting on your device using the help of third-party applications such as the Clean Masters or One Tap Cleaner so that the overall features and applications available on your Android device can run faster.


In addition to these tips can be done easily enough by yourself, you do not even need to download many applications because the main tool used in optimizing BBM applications in the Android app only and Disable Root Access Service. Now, you can feel the BBM app in Android that runs much faster and you will be more comfortable using it.